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Jenni Fleming

By Vivian

Jenni Fleming is a phenomenal singer and pianist who devotes her time to locally performing and teaching music. She was born December fifth 1973 in Spokane Washinton. She was adopted as an infant and has three sisters, one is older and the two others are younger. Her mom was an English teacher and her father was a pastor they where and still are vary musical family. All of her siblings had to take piano lesons and so did she. Jenni took 18 years of lessons her favorite teacher was Ralph she said he taught her the most out of all her teachers. She started singing at church in the choir when she was six. This was how she got interested in singing

Her inspirations are people in her band (drummer, bass and a guitar player) and people she hears on the radio. I asked her what our class room should do for an art project and she said that we should write a song she said that we would need a piano, someone to play the piano and one more person to write down ideas.


Melissa Smith

By Tyler

         Melissa Smith is a musical artist.  This is a story about her history and her musical art.  She was born February 14th in Fredericksburg, VA.  In her family she has a mom, dad, and a sister.  She is now married with two daughters.  Her education was a Bachelors degree in music education.  The college she went to was Sam Houston State.  Her high school band director inspired her in her musical arts.  She shows her art all around Bozeman.  She gets her ideas by listening to a lot of music.  The materials she uses are instruments and music from the last 500 years.

This is her suggested project.  She suggested to our class that band/ orchestra is an art form that she uses.  She also said that you need voices, creativity, and instruments for this.  Finally, the step you need for it is “practice and enjoyment”.

Jamie Lenon


By Sophia

         I interviewed a man named Jamie Lenon and enjoyed it.  Here are a few facts.  Jamie Lenon was born in Kalispell, Montana with his parents and two older sisters.  Jamie has his own family now.  Jamie has had five years of college at MSU.  He is an amazing architect and so is his inspiration, his dad.  That is the history of Jamie Lenon.

Jamie has a great career – take a look!  Jamie was trained at MSU.  He displays his art on Main Street.  You can see Jamie’s at everywhere!  You can see it on houses, stores and buildings.  He gets his ideas everywhere, too.  He uses a lot of computers to do his work.  I would get a ton of headaches if I worked at a computer all day!

Jamie thought of a really cool project for us to do – designing a house or a school.  We would need paper, pencils and something straight.  First, think of a design.  Next, draw some rooms.  Make sure there is space!  Don’t forget hallways and corridors, or stairs if needed.  I want to do exactly what Jamie does… someday.

Heidi Damjanivich

by Sellers

Longfellow loves their music teacher Heidi Damjanivich. For short her name is Ms. D.  Ms. D. was born August 30 in the 1900’s.  She was born in central Montana, in a small town. She grew up on a farm with an outdoor loving family. They loved card games and were very supportive. Her best teachers were her 3rd grade teacher, vocal teacher, and her English teacher in High School.  She is a vocal-composer.  She got interested in music when her dad played drums in a band. She went to country dances every weekend. That’s her history, what’s yours?

Ms. D. is music teacher. She is a musician so she performs in churches and for opera companies. Her mom inspired her to do music, because she supported her. Ms. D. gets her ideas from real life experiences, emotions, catch phrases, and lots of hugs. The material she uses is her voice. Ms. D. is a great music teacher.

Here is a project she suggested for us to do. Ms. D. wants us to create a piece of music on Garage Band. The materials you would need are Laptops, need to know how to use garage band, need to know how to search online. We would also need a guest speaker for garage band. First we would need a guest speaker. Then we would watch online tuition. Finally, we would need collaboration because we would need to know if we were going to do one class song or different groups songs.  Now you know how big music is in her life.

Beth Kennedy

By Sarah

Beth Kennedy was born on December 15, 1964 in Cincinnati, Ohio. She had two brothers and two sisters. She earned a masters in ceramics at New Mexico State and did her post doctorate work in grades K-12. She learned to do art at a museum at the age of 5 from looking at all the art. She also demanded ceramics in high school.

Her favorite teachers were the kids she worked with; they really inspired her with all the new stuff they do because they make creative things and use their imagination. Many people cannot do that. Also, her first grade teacher was also a favorite teacher, Ken Ferguson. Many people inspire others, but nature and books inspire Beth Kennedy and her 4th Grade teacher, Ms. Nugent.

Many books inspire me because they pump up your imaginations and want you to do stuff like draw a clock with a smiley face that sings.

Marlene Schumann

by Norah

Marlene Schumann was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on February 8, 1970. She grew up in a farming family in Iowa. As a child she played in the hay loft with her multiple cats and puppies. She also rode her pony through the cornfield all day. Marlene said that these memories contributed to her art form. Now she lives in Bozeman with her daughter, Sada, and her cat, Kitty. She studied for college at a liberal arts school in Iowa. There, her favorite art professors where Mac and Dennis. She then attended three years of grad school at MSU. She worked with Debby Butterfield, a professional artist. Marlene considers herself an Installation Artist. That means she does ”5 sense art” – sculpture, 3D art. She says that for as long as she can remember her family has been creative. But the two professors and Debby Butterfield really contributed to her art.

Marlene was trained to do this art in college, grad school and working for other artists. She does most of her works in her living room or in her friend’s chicken house in Bridger Canyon. Debby Butterfield, Eva Hesse and Andy Goldsworthy inspired her. She does not show art much now, but she previously displayed it in the Tacoma Art Museum and other places in Iowa and Montana. Marlene uses mostly natural materials. Some are: hand made paper, twine, horsehair, mud, sisal and rusted metal.

Marlene recommended a project for me. We discussed her art form and mine. We came up with making a small book with canvases as covers and hand made paper for pages. I would paint, color and I could draw whatever I want on it. I would need two small canvases, ten pages of paper cut to the appropriate size, and some oil paints, pastels and other drawing utensils. First I would collect the materials, then assemble the book and color it in. The book might have an accordion spine or a clasp. Marlene said, ”This book will have a whole lot of you and a little bit of me.”

Peggy Coler

by: Nina

Peggy Coler is a great person.  She was born in 1963 in Portland, Oregon.  She grew up with a divorced family with five girls in each family. Now she is married with three kids – two boys and one girl.  At M.M. Eastman College she got a Masters in Music and she did some opera, but later she became an artist.  Peggy was always interested in art even as a kid, but she never took any classes.

Peggy’s art is so beautiful.  She is a self-taught artist.  Peggy does her work at her house.  Her inspiration comes from Native Americans, Youpk Eskimo and landscapes.   Her work is shown at the Emerson.  Peggy’s ideas come from within.  She usually uses paint, wood and canvas.  All of Peggy Coler’s art is amazing.

Peggy is even going to do a project with us!  In April, she will do an art show with at Longfellow.  We will need paint and canvas.  Peggy Coler is an artist, a singer and above all, a wonderful person.