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Death of John Bozeman

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John Bozeman

By Madison C.

            John Bozeman was born in 1835 in Georgia.  He became very handsome, strong, brave, kind, tireless, and well dressed.  Some f

olks might say that he was a heartthrob and a manly man.  In 1860 Bozeman left his wife and kids to start a farming community in Montana.  He guided wagons and stopped in 1864.

In 1867 Thomas Cover and John Bozeman were taking a trip along the Yellowstone when Bozeman got murdered.  Some peopl

e think that he was killed by Blackfeet Indians or by a jealous husband but I think it was Thomas Cover.  I think it was him because there are so many clues.  Plus everything Thomas said Spanish Joe proved him wrong.  Also the angle Thomas got wounded could have been a self-shot.  There is lots of history about John Bozeman.

John Bozeman’s Death

By Isabelle

            No one knows how John Bozeman really died but I have a good theory who did it.  My theory is that Thomas Clover did it.  Thomas Clover was standing right by John Bozeman when he died, so he could have taken out a gun and shot John Bozeman as a surprise!  Then shoot himself to fake he didn’t do it and then blame the Blackfeet.  One flaw was what if they weren’t in Blackfeet land?  But we still won’t know who killed John Bozeman.  It might be Clover, it might be Blackfeet and it might be Nelson. But the world may never know.

John Bozeman was a good man.  Most people thought he was handsome, strong, tall, tireless and heartthrob.  John Bozeman was born in Georgia in 1835 and died in 1867.  He also had a wife and three children.  In 1862 there was a gold strike.  In 1863 he started a barn.  In 1864 John stopped guiding the wagon train.  In conclusion I think John B

ozeman is a great man.

John Bozeman

By Eben

            John Bozeman was a strong, kind and handsome man.  Although John Bozeman didn’t live very long, he played a very important role in the making of Bozeman, Montana.  First of all, the town is named after him.  The adventurous young Georgian also farmed food for miners.

There are many w


ays that John Bozeman could have been killed, but I think that Tom Cover killed him.  The reason I think that is because Tom Cover’s story about Blackfeet Indians shooting him had too many inconsistencies.  First of all there were no Blackfeet in that area, and second there were no horse prints.  Also, Cover’s wound angle was at the angle that he would have shot himself.

John Bozeman’s Death

By Devon

            John Bozeman was born in 1835 in Georgia and died in 1867. Bozeman was over 6 feet tall, strong, well-dressed gentleman.  In 1860 he left Georgia and started to head west and he also left his wife and 3 kids.  In 1863 Bozeman got an idea to build a town named after him.  John founded Bozeman in the year 1864.

No one really knows how John Bozeman died.  I think that Thomas Coover killed Bozeman.  Coover and Bozeman were at the Yellowstone River fetching water for the town.  The reason I think Thomas killed Bozeman is because Thomas said Blackfeet came on horses and killed Bozeman and Coover pointed the wrong way were Bozeman.  Still, no one knows how Bozeman died.

John Bozeman: Murdered

By Claire

            John Bozeman’s murder is a mystery.  In 1860, John Bozeman left his wife and three children in Georgia to head west.  There, he guided wagon trains on the Bozeman Trail.  John Bozeman came up with the idea to start a farming town in the Gallatin Valley.  This town supplied the miners after their long travels from Virginia City.

John Bozeman: Murdered.  Indeed, Thomas Cover had said that Blackfeet Indians ere the assassins, but I think it was Thomas Cover himself.  Consider the evidence: Nelson Story sent Hispanic Joe to go look at the site.  Hispanic Joe had found something.  There were no Blackfeet in the area and Cover’s wound looked self-inflicted.  Cover said that the Indians had stolen their horses, but there were no horse prints I the area.  The angle of the shot was not as Thomas Cover described.  And, Thomas had a reputation for being a slimy man.  Others say it was Nelson Story.  It was a business trip for him, and John was shot on his land.  But why would Nelson Story send Hispanic Joe?  Nelson Story told this evidence on his deathbed.  Why?  I think why Nelson Story told nobody of this incident was because he was just going to wait and see.  If something went wrong then he would tell.

Also, the Army came because of the Indians.  Now Bozeman grew.  Nelson Story had no reason to tell.  What do you think?

John Bozeman’s Death

By Naudia

            I think Thomas Cover killed John Bozeman.  How? I think they got in a fight and Cover shot Bozeman and missed so Bozeman shot Cover and wounded him but Cover killed Bozeman.

The reason people thought it was the Blackfeet is I think because Cover felt bad and blamed it on the Blackfeet.  They were in Crow area so it couldn’t have been the Blackfeet.

John Bozeman’s Death

By Madi

            John Bozeman was a very well dressed man.  He was over 6 feet tall and he was very brave and he was kind.  He was born in 1835. He left Georgia in 1862 so he could go to find gold.  He also guided wagon trains on the Bozeman trail.  In 1864 he started Bozeman town.

John Bozeman was killed in 1867.  He was shot.  A lot of people do not know who shot him.  John Bozeman died on the Yellowstone River.  I think Nelson Story did it because he wanted a fort to protect Bozeman.  He hunted down Bozeman and then shot him when no one was looking, then blamed it on the Blackfeet so he wouldn’t’ get into trouble.

John Bozeman

By Vivian

            John Bozeman was an explorer.  He was also the founder of Bozeman.  He is a very important person in Bozeman’s history.  He did trail rocer and many other things, too.

I believe he died by Spanish Joe.  Nelson Story needed to get a fort because of the killing he got one.  I think Nelson Story told Spanish Joe to kill John Bozeman and made up a story that said that the Blackfeet killed him.  Nobody knows for sure but this is a theory I think is true.

John Bozeman’s Death

By Amelia

            John Bozeman was a brave, handsome, adventurous, Southern gentleman from Georgia.  He left Georgia in 1860 to head west to Montana.  When he reached Montana he came upon the idea of starting a farming town in the Gallatin Valley.  He is also known for starting the Bozeman Trail.  He guided six wagon trains into his newly acquired town of Bozeman.  John Bozeman was known for starting the town of Bozeman and making the Bozeman Trail.

There are many stories of how John Bozeman died.  I think that Thomas Cover and Bozeman got into a fight on the banks of the Yellowstone River.  Cover’s account was that Blackfeet killed him and wounded himself.  I think that they met on the Yellowstone River and got into a duel.  I think John Bozeman shot first and wounded him in the shoulder.  Then I think Cover hit Bozeman in the heart (or killed him).  Those were some of the reasons I think Cover shot Bozeman although there are many accounts of the story,

John Bozeman’s Death

By Hazel

            John Bozeman was an interesting man.  He died in 1867 on the bank of the Yellowstone River on a trip with Thomas Cover.  There are many theories about how he died, and the one that I think is true is that he got shot by Thomas Cover.  Here is why.  They could have gotten in a fight and John Bozeman shot Thomas Cover in the shoulder because he didn’t want to kill him, and Thomas shot back only in a fatal area.

Nelson Story wanted a fort.  So he said it was Blackfeet so he could get the fort.  When he got the fort it was called Fort Ellis, and it was supposed to keep Indians out.  Still, nobody knows who killed John Bozeman and it remains a mystery.

John Bozeman

By Sarah

            I look up at John Bozeman over 6 feet tall.  It looks like he’s from the South.  He is very well dressed, very, very brave, and kind.  He was born in 1835 in Georgia. In 1860 he left his wife and 3 kids for the West. In 1867 he went to Bannock to search for gold.  He died in 1867.  In 1863 he got the idea of starting a farming community in Gallatin Valley.  Many different things happened to him but those are some.

Do you ever wonder who killed John Bozeman?  Here’s what I think.  I think that Thomas Cover, because there was no hoof prints.  Also he was shot in the wrong direction and that’s what I think.

John Bozeman’s Death

By Ari

            John Bozeman was a tall, handsome man who was kind.  He was also very much a heartthrob.  In 1863 he had the idea of making Bozeman the city.  He guided wagon trains on the Bozeman Trail.  He was an interesting man who had a tragic death.

bozeman trailHe was shot by what I believe was Blackfeet because the Blackfeet stole lots of things so maybe they were going to steal. They found Bozeman so they shot him.  Maybe the horses were sent away in a different direction.  And why would they have made Fort Ellis?  But it could have been anything else.

John Bozeman and His Death

By Norah

            John Bozeman, the strong-willed, very handsome young Georgian man that the ladies loved.  He was kind, strong, brave and a sure gentleman with a mustache.  He was born I 1835 in Georgia and grew up, married, and had kids there.  He left his wife and three kids and came west with a wagon train of emigrants and gold prospectors.  He raced mountain man Jim Bridger to Virginia City for gold.  After establishing the town of Bozeman in 1864 he was shot in 1867.  Know one knows how.

In my opinion, Thomas Coover did it. I think Bozeman and Coover got into an argument, and Bozeman gave Coover his shoulder wound.  Coover shot back and hit his mark.  In this way Bozeman was killed and Coover blamed the Blackfeet.  But Bozeman’s death insured the town’s safety.

John Bozeman’s Death

By Daniel

            John Bozeman was a great man.  He was born in Georgia in 1835.  He came to the Gallatin Valley in search of gold, but instead decided to make a town (Bozeman). This town became a town known for farming (to get food to the miners).  John was great.

John died in 1867.  There are many things that could have happened.  I think Thomas Cover killed him because Cover’s wound could of easily been done by himself and couldn’t of been from the direction he pointed.  Also, there were no horse tracks.  I wasn’t even Blackfeet territory.  This is how I think John Bozeman died.

John Bozeman’s Death

By Brynn

            John Bozeman was very tall, over 6 feet, and he was strong, brave and kind.  He was a southern gentleman and well dressed.  In 1863 he got the idea of starting a farming community in Gallatin Valley to feed the miners of Virginia City.  He guided wagon trains along the Bozeman Trail.

I think Thomas Cover killed John Bozeman because Spanish Joe worked for Story on his ranch.  He says no footprints were found and Cover’s wound looked like he shot himself.

John Bozeman’s Death

By Sellers

            John Bozeman, the founder of our town, was recently killed.  He was a tall man, over 6 feet tall, and described as a well-dressed, strong, kind, brave heartthrob, a manly man and a southern gentleman.  He was born in 1835 in Georgia and he left 3 kids and a wife.  Here are some of his accomplishments.  First, he came up with the idea for a farming community.

In 1867 John Bozeman was shot on the banks of the Yellowstone River.  I think that Thomas Cove killed him because based on Spanish Joe’s accounts, Thomas Cover killed him.  Cover had a wound that could have been made when he shot himself.  Cover blamed it on the Blackfeet even though it was Crow land.  There were no footprints left.  Cover was shot in the wrong direction.  If it wasn’t him then why did he leave so suddenly?

John Bozeman’s Death

By Morgan

            Right now we’re going to talk about John Bozeman.  John Bozeman was over six feet tall.  He was very well dressed.  John was a southern gentleman.  He was a very strong, kind man.

I think Thomas Coover killed John Bozeman.  The reason I think Coover did it is because only John died; Coover didn’t.  Also the shot came from the wrong direction.  There were no footprints.  He was shot on the bank of the Yellowstone River in 1867.

John Bozeman

By Braeden

            John Bozeman helped form Bozeman, Montana along with the Bozeman Trail.  He came west to seek gold during the Pikes Peak gold rush in western Kansas.  Thanks to his death Bozeman became a city.

So I think this person named Spanish Joe, who worked for Nelson Story, was told to go and investigate the death scene of John Bozeman.  Nelson Story told Spanish Joe to go investigate the murder.  It was just a rumor that he was dead and assassin Joe shot John Bozeman and killed him on the banks of the Yellowstone River.  Thomas Cover was there with him and started running away from the death scene but assassin Joe also tried to shoot him.  Tom ran around the side of the oak tree and hit Tom in the shoulder and Tom got away.

John Bozeman

By Helen

            John Bozeman is a very interesting man.  John Bozeman was born in 1835 in Georgia. He grew to over six feet tall and was strong, brave and handsome.  In 1860 he headed west.  He left a wife and three children behind.  In 1863 he started farming.  In 1864 he started working on developing Bozeman.  In 1867 John Bozeman went with Thomas Cover and was shot and killed.

I think Thomas Cover and Nelson Story were working together to kill Bozeman because both had companies and all the miners were leaving.  So soldiers coming in and having a fort built would be perfect for both of them.  It would benefit he both of them.  That’s why I think Bozeman was killed by both Cover and Story.

John Bozeman

By Anisten

            John Bozeman was strong and over six feet tall.  He was born in Georgia in 1835.  He had a wife and three children.  People thought he was a ladies’ man and heartthrob.  He supplied the miners.  He also guided wagon trains.

I think that John Bozeman was murdered by Thomas Cover.  I think that because his shot was from the angle of Thomas Cover.  Cover’s shot looked self-inflicted to make him look innocent.  There were also no signs of horses, either.  There were no signs of Blackfeet.  That’s why I think it was who Thomas Cover killed him.

John Bozeman

By Nina

            Have you ever wondered who founded Bozeman?  John Bozeman! He was over six feet tall, a very strong, brave, handsome, well-dressed southern gentleman.  He started farming in 1863.  Later he guided wagon trains.  John did many things and above all founded Bozeman.

bozeman trail 2In 1867 John Bozeman was murdered by Thomas Cover.  Thomas Cover killed John and blamed it on the Blackfeet.  He told everyone that Blackfeet had stolen their horses and he got shot at an angle that someone would shoot themselves at.  That is why I think Thomas Cover shot John Bozeman.

John Bozeman

By Jocie

            Have you ever heard of John Bozeman?  He was a Georgian in the 1800s.  He left his wife and three daughters in Georgia to go west for gold mining in 1860.  John Bozeman did not like mining.  When he got to the Gallatin County he saw the great soil and got the idea for making a farming community to supply the farmers with food.  He did.  In 1867 he was shot.  People believed it was the Blackfeet Indians.  This made them believe they needed a fort to protect them.  This also was because all the miners were leaving and they needed the soldiers to buy their food.

There are many stories for how he was shot. One was that the Blackfeet Indians attacked camp, killed Bozeman and injured Tom Cover, the man he was traveling with.  Another story is that a jealous husband shot him.  The story I believe is that Thomas Cover shot him.  I think that because Nelson Story’s “helper”, Spanish Joe, went to investigate.  It seemed to be as though Cover shot himself.  There were no hoof prints and no Blackfeet lived in this area, only friendly Crows.  Now do you know who John Bozeman is?

John Bozeman

By Mekayla

            John Bozeman was the founder of Bozeman and over six feet tall.  John Bozeman was considered strong, brave, tireless, kind, handsome, well dressed and had the looks of a manly man.  John Bozeman was born in 1835 in Georgia and left in 1806 to go west. John Bozeman also guided wagon trains.

John Bozeman had a mysterious death.  John Bozeman was murdered in 1867.  But who did it – was it the Blackfeet or was it Thomas Cover?  I think it was Thomas Cover because the angle that Thomas Cover was shot looks like he shot himself so it would make it look like the Blackfeet did it.  Also he told people that the Blackfeet stole five horses.

John Bozeman

By Bailey

            John Bozeman was six feet tall.  He was strong, handsome, well dressed and a heartthrob.  In 1863 he started farming in a community.  John Bozeman guided wagons for a long time but he soon stopped and made Bozeman.  Before all that John Bozeman was born in Georgia in 1835.  He had a wife and three kids. In 1860 he left Georgia.

Soon after, in 1867, John Bozeman died at age 32.  He was shot; some people believe it was the Blackfeet or Nelson Story but I believe it was Thomas Cover.   The reason I think that is because the angle shot at was the same as the angle Thomas Cover’s shoulder was shot at.  Another reason is because there were no horse tracks when Cover claimed the Blackfeet stole the horses.  No one knows the truth but it is very interesting just the way it it.

John Bozeman

By Jessica

            John Bozeman was a southern man known to be handsome and strong.  He was over six feet tall and was a kind man.  John is the founder of Bozeman. Sadly, he was killed and nobody knew how.

I think that Thomas Cove killed him, because the angle that he was shot with came from his direction.  There were also no horse tracks on the land he was killed on. Cover tried to cover it up by saying Blackfeet Indians but the only Indians in the area were Crows and they were friendly.

John Bozeman, the Truth

By Lia

            John Bozeman was a Georgian who was born in 1835.  In 1860 Bozeman left Georgia to lead a wagon train of gold miners, leaving a wife and three children.  He started a farming community later in the Gallatin Valley in 1863.

Now, John Bozeman was shot and killed in 1867 at the age of 32.  It is an all out mystery who killed him.  He and Thomas Cover were on a trip when John was killed.  Cover was shot but not killed.  Cover said that Blackfeet Indians had killed him.  Later Nelson Story, a flourmill owner, sent Spanish Joe to investigate.  So he did and came back with astonishing information.  First of all, the Blackfeet were never in the area, only the Crow Indians were, but they were friendly.  And Cover’s wound was at an angle where he could have shot himself.  Nelson Story kept his information secret until his deathbed when he told his son.  Although no one knows how John Bozeman died, this is a possible way.

John Bozeman

By Alex

            John Bozeman has made a lot of accomplishments.  He opened the Bozeman Trail and he basically started the community.  He was born in 1835.  He left Georgia and decided to head west.  He also guided wagon trains through the Bozeman Trail.

John was murdered in 1867, age 32.  There are many rumors about his death.  One is that he was killed by Blackfeet.  Another is that he was killed by Thomas Cover.  Yet another is that Nelson Story had something to do with it.

Mr. Bozeman

By Sophia

 JohnBozeman           John Bozeman was born in 1836 in Georgia.  In 1860 John left his family and moved to Bozeman.  He left to supply miners with food and water.  John was over six feet tall, handsome, strong, brave, and a heartthrob. The kind John was also mysteriously murdered!  Some people have different ideas of how.

John Bozeman and Thomas Cover were on a trip for Nelson Story.  I believe Thomas Coover killed John Bozeman.  Here are the facts.  There were only friendly Crows I the area, not Blackfeet.  There were also no hoof prints so the Indians didn’t take their horses.  But Thomas Cover also got shot. “Huh?” Thomas could have shot himself to make him look innocent! There are many ways poor John could have been killed, but this options has more facts!