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Important People in Bozeman History

10 Important People – by Ari
  1. Frank Benepe was the eighth mayor of Bozeman, the years he was mayor were 1892-1895 and I lived my first year in his mansion.
  2. John Bozeman had wagon trains going though Bozeman before it was a town.
  3. John Colter spent time in the Bozeman area and there is now a run named after him.
  4. Jack Horner is and was a world famous dino digger.
  5. Ted Turner colorized movies and had a grill on the Bozeman main street.
  6. Malcolm Story had the story mansion named after him.
  7. William Beall attempted to plant wheat near Three Forks.
  8. Tomas Coover was accused of killing John Bozeman.
  9. Chet Huntly is a newsman for N.B.C.
  10. John Bogert was the first mayor.


10 Important People  – by Bailey

  1. John Bozeman: Bozeman is named after him.
  2. Nelson story: Brought cattle from Texas to Montana.
  3. John Jacobs: He blazed the Bozeman trail and guided miners through the Bozeman valley.
  4. Lester S Willson: He was a U.S civil war officer, merchant and Politian.
  5. James E Buck: A famous sculptor.
  6. Russel Chatham: A famous painter.
  7. Albert Schlechten: A famous photographer.
  8. John Mclennon: He got the medal of honor at the battle of Big Horn.
  9. David Thatcher: Army air force staff sergeant in WW11.
  10. Ed Anacker: Invented the Ridge Run.


10 Important People – by Claire

There are many people in Bozeman that stand out. Here are ten:


  1. John Bozeman led wagon trains through out Montana. He also helped start the town, which was named after him.
  2. Jim Bridger also led wagon trains but in a different root than John Bozeman. They both got to their destination, Virginia City, Montana within a few hours of each other.
  3. James J. Hill was one of the official founders of Bozeman in 1891.
  4. Nelson Story was the richest man in Bozeman. He was a millionaire.
  5. John Bogert was Bozeman’s first mayor.
  6. Rosa Beall was the first woman settler in Bozeman. She also donated the Beall Art Center (by Beall park.)
  7. William Beall platted Bozeman.
  8. Daniel Rouse built some of the first cabins and motels in Bozeman, and was one of the founders.
  9. Captain R.S. LaMotte founded Fort Ellis.
  10. Judge Judge­ was one of the first judges in Bozeman.


10 Important People – by Hazel

  • John Bozeman:  He led wagon trains through the Gallatin Valley.  He also laid out the town of Bozeman, Montana.
  • Nelson Story:  He was Bozeman’s first millionaire. He also helped found our town.
  •  Fred Wilson:  He was the architect of most of Bozeman’s historic buildings.
  •  Jim Bridger: He was a famous mountain man. He also mapped out most of the trails in Bozeman.
  •  Jack Horner:  He is a famous paleontologist.
  •  Sam Mendenhall: He was Bozeman’s first city manager.
  •  Greg Mortinson: He is the founder of the Pennies For Peace charity.
  •  Conrad Anker: He is a famous rock climber. He found Gorge Mallory’s body on Mount Everest.
  • John V. Bogert: He was Bozeman’s first mayor.
  •  Rosa Beall: She was the first woman to settle in Bozeman.


10 Important People – by Jessica

  1. John Bozeman is the father of Bozeman.
  2. Mrs. Babcock is my 5th grade teacher.
  3. My mom is a good person who helps me.
  4. Fred Wilson is the designer of Longfellow.
  5. Mr. Walthall is my principal.
  6. My dad is a good person and is helpful.
  7. Jim Bridger has Bridger, MT named after him.
  8. Lewis was a co-captain on the Lewis and Clark expedition.
  9. Clark was a co-captain on the Lewis and Clark expedition
  10. 10.Sam Mendenhall has Mendenhall Street named after him.


10 Important People to Bozeman – by Lizzie T.

John Bozeman – pioneer and founder of Bozeman Trail

William Clark – visited Bozeman area in July 1806 as he traveled east from Three Forks along the Gallatin River

Fred Willson – famous architect

Jim Bridger – famous explorer

John Jacobs – partnered with John Bozeman to found Bozeman Trail

Daniel Rouse – partnered with John Bozeman  to map out town of Bozeman in August 1864.

William Beall – partnered with John Bozeman  to map out town of Bozeman in August 1864.

Nelson Story – prominent cattleman and merchant in Bozeman’s early years

Jack Horner – world famous paleontologist

Deborah Butterfield – sculptor of horses whose art is in museums worldwide


10 Important People – by Jocie

1. John Bozeman – Bozeman’s namesake

2. Caroline Mcgill – the founder of the awesome Museum of the Rockies

3. James J. Hill – founded Bozeman

4. Jim Bridger – raced John Bozeman to the Virginia City area in the frontier years

5. Fred Wilson – founder of the first school in Bozeman, architect

6. Lewis and Clark – discovered the west

7. George Baxter – funded Baxter Hotel

8. Mayor Sean Becker – “ruler of the city, it all depends on him”

9. Mrs. Babcock – one of the best teachers ever

10. John Bogert – first mayor of Bozeman

_________________________________________10 Important People  – by Madison V.

1.  John Bozeman founded Bozeman

2.  Jim Briger was one of the first white men to come to Bozeman

3.  Augustus Ryon was the first president of M.S.U

4.  Dr. Caroline McGill founded the museum of the Rockies

5.  Henry Foster founded museum of the hospital

6.  Fred Willson designed Longfellow school.

7.  Nelson Story gave land for M.S.U.

8.  William Blackmore gifted sunset hills cemetery after his wife died.

9.  Daniel Rouse helped John Bozeman map the town.

10.   Rebecca Smith was a frontierswoman and raised children in the Gallatin Valley.

10 Important People  -by Mekayla

1. John M. Bozeman – The founder of Bozeman and the Bozeman trail

2. Caroline McGill founded Museum of the Rockies

3. Christene McDonnell was one of the few ladies to work at the Hospital

4. James J. – Also founded Bozeman

5. Fred Wilson – Built Longfellow, Irving, Hawthorn, and Wilson

6. Rosa Beall – the first white women to settle in Bozeman, Montana.

7. Lewis and Clark helped our community.

8. Jim Bridger helped make Bozeman.

9. John Jacobs also found Bozeman trail.

10. Our Mayor because he makes the city rules.

10 Important People – by Naudia

  1. John Bozeman – founded/established Bozeman.
  2. Ella J. Knowles Haskell – First woman to run for state attorney general and plead a case before the U.S. circuit court.
  3.  Nelson Story – Led the first cattle drive from Texas to Montana along the Bozeman trail, inspired Lonesome Dove and built the Story Mansion.
  4. Henry D. Washburn – Explored, named and established Yellowstone Park.
  5. Dr. Henry Foster – Built the first hospital.
  6. Fred Wilson – Built Longfellow, Irving, Hawthorne and Wilson.
  7. Nelson Story’s Sons – Built and named the Ellen Theatre the Ellen after their mom Ellen.
  8. Chet Huntly – Founded Big Sky Resort.
  9. Rosa Beall – First white woman to settle in Bozeman.
  10. Dean Folkvord – Founder of Wheat Montana.


10 Important People – By Nina

  1. John Bozeman founded Bozeman.
  2. Nelson Story was the 1st millionaire.
  3. William Tinsley and his family had to move during the Civil war.
  4. William H. Babcock named street Babcock.
  5. Leander Black helped to built 1st bank of Bozeman.
  6. Joseph Lindley had a big fight over water with Nelson Story.
  7. William Alderson one of the founders of Bozeman.
  8. Lewis and Clark helped discover the west (Montana).
  9. Sacagawea Native American was with Lewis and Clark.
  10. 10. Mrs. Babcock the best teacher ever!!!!!!!


10 Important People to Bozeman’s History – by Katherine

John Bozeman – who founded Bozeman and the Bozeman Trail

Albert Gallatin – U.S. Secretary of the Treasury when Lewis and Clark came through and named the area

Malcolm Story – drove the first cattle to Bozeman

Lady Blackmore – an English noblewoman whose husband died on the way out west here in Bozeman so she stayed.  Blackmore Peak is named after her.

Jim Bridger – frontiersman and trapper.  One of the first white people to live in the area.


Fred Willson – famous Bozeman architect

Leon Johnson – plant scientist at MSU

Jake Jabs – MSU alum that owned furniture stores throughout the West and recently donated $25 million to the MSU School of Business.

Conrad Anker and Alex Lowe – famous mountaineers

Mary Murphy, PhD – MSU college professor known for her work on women and mining in the West. (Kat’s mom’s graduate school advisor)


10 Important People  -by Josef

John Bozeman – he laid out Bozeman

Fred Willson – very commonly known architect

Julius Lehrkind – businessman

T. Byron Story – he built a fortune selling wool for uniforms during WWI

Dean Folkvord – runs Wheat Montana

Kevin Connolly – went to MSU, born without legs, wrote book, traveled to 17 countries on skate board

Jack Horner – famous paleontologist

Ted Turner – founder of CNN and TBS

Alex Lowe – famous mountaineer

Brannon Braga – worked on 3 / 4 modern Star Trek TV series and Star Trek films.


10 Important People  – by Jalen

John Colter – survived Indians and killed by an Indian

John Bozeman – started Bozeman

Gary Cooper -actor

Nelson Story – was a business man

Jan Stenerud – he played football in the NFL

Greg Mortenson -Three Cups of Tea

Jack Horner – paleontologist

Lester Willson – merchant

Jane Goodall – monkeys

Ted Turner – businessman


10 Important People  –

Lester Willson – in the Civil War

John Bozeman – named the town after him

Jim Bridger – Bridger mountains are named after him

Nelson Story – made a movie about him

Jan Stenerud – played for Bobcats and kicked a 59 yard field goal

Henry Comstock – Comstock apartments

Fred Willson – built Willson School in 1902

William H. Babcock – Babcock Street

William J. Beall – first log home in Bozeman built for school

John Jack Mendenhall – first sheriff 1865


10 Important People    – by Jon

William Clark – he was one of the first people to explore the Bozeman area.

John Bozeman – he and John Jacobs created the Bozeman Trail.  Bozeman was also named after him.

Jim Bridger – he opened up the Bridger Pass

Fred Willson – he designed a lot of schools an buildings in the town.

Sacajawea – she guided William Clark and Meriweather Lewis through the Bozeman area.

Nelson Story – he started what is now MSU and he was the first millionaire.

Daniel Rouse – he helped William Beall map the town.

William Beall – he helped Daniel Rouse map the town.

John Bogert – he was the first Mayor

Sam Mendenhall – he was the first city manager.


10 Important People – by Kaden

Chris Nauman – director of the D.B.A.

Fred Willson – he designed all the elementary schools

John Bozeman – discovered Gallatin County

Sean Becker – he’s the mayor

Nelson Story – rail road, rancher, founder

Thomas Byron Story – built the Story Mansion

Jack Horner – paleontologist

Jim Bridger – mojuntain man, pioneered for settling in Montana and Bozeman

Daniel E. Rouse – helped make plans

William J. Beall – he and Daniel Rouse built Bozeman.


10 Famous People in Bozeman History – by Chloe

1.  John Bozeman because Bozeman is named after John Bozeman.  He opened up the Bozeman Trail.

2. Jim Bridger – the Bridger Mountains are named after him

3. Nelson Story – Bozeman’s first millionaire, in 1893 he played a prominent role in the establishment of MSU.

4. Lester Willson – the Street Willson Avenue is named after him.  He was a merchant, politician and he established a bank.

5. Fred Willson – was an architect in Bozeman and designed many of the buildings that are here.  The Willson school was named after him.

6. Ellen Story – Nelson Story’s wife.  The Ellen Theater is named after her.

7. Gary Cooper – famous actor who went to school in Bozeman.

8. Jack Horner – famous paleontologist who lives in Bozeman and works at the Museum of the Rockies.

9. Albert Gallatin – planned the Lewis and Clark Expedition and they named part of the Missouri River after him.  There are numerous places named after him here in Bozeman.

10. William Alderson – one of the first settlers of Bozeman and suggested the name Bozeman after John Bozeman.


10 Important People – by Gyre

1. Nelson Story 1838 – 1926 Bozeman’s first millionaire

2. James Edward Martin – made the first plow in Montana

3. John Mendenhall – the first Territorial Sheriff of Gallatin County

4. John Bozeman – Bozeman’s namesake

5. Rosa Beall – first woman to settle in Bozeman

6. Waded Cruzado – current president of MSU

7. Fred Willson – famous architect

8. Linda Babcock – teacher that’s been teaching for longer than I can count.

9. Conrad Anker – Everest climber

10. Loren Acton – NASA shuttle astronaut


10 Important People –

1. John Marion Bozeman

2. Fred Willson

3. George Dieruf – Powderhorn

4. Dr. Henry Foster – hospital

5. Joe Danhof – Chevrolet

6. Frank Benepe – Ace

7. Mr. Davison – Ace

8. Roland Renne – MSU P.

9. John Tinsley – Tinsley House at M.O.R.


10 Important People – by Oliver

1. John Bozeman – he laid out the city of Bozeman.  I chose this person because he founded our town.

2. Fred Willson – He was one of the first architects in Bozeman.  I chose him because I would like to be an architect.

3. Jim Bridger – he was one of the first explorer men in the area.  I chose him because he was a famous trapper and many other things.

4. Alex Lowe –  in 1999 he was considered the best mountain climber before he dies.  I chose him because I love to climb.

5.Nelson Story – he became the first millionaire (back then!).  He also had the biggest cattle drive.  I chose him because he was the first millionaire.

6. Walter Cooper – he was a pioneer of Bozeman.  I chose him because he made sure that there was a Cooper Park.

7. Dave Gaillard – he helped save the carnivores in the area.  Because I knew him before he died.

8. Tanner Hall – he was born in Bozeman and he is one the best skiers in the U.S.  I chose this person because I love to ski.

9. Cruzado – she is the first female to be an MSU President.  I chose her because she is the first woman to be an MSU President.

10. Chief Long Hair – was a famous Absalooke (Crow) Chief.  I chose this person because the Crow have been here for

more than 1000 years.


10 Important People – by Daniel

1. John Bozeman – established Boze3man

2. Nelson Story – first cattle drive from Texas

3. Henry D. Washburn – General of Montana

4. Denise Juneau – first American Indian woman elected state-wide

5. Lester S. Willson – Civil War officer

6. Lewis – traveled through what is known as the Gallatin Valley

7. Clark – traveled through what is known as the Gallatin Valley.

8. Sacajawea – guided Lewis and Clark through what is known as the Gallatin Valley

9. Jim Bridger – brought first wagon train through Bozeman

10. John Colter – went to hunt in the Gallatin Valley and captured by Indiana.  Was forced to strip and run for his life.


10 Important People – by Nora

1. John Bozeman – 1860s  He created trails for miners to get to the Gallatin Valley so that they could get food and supplies here.  He helped people homestead in the area, and created the town of Bozeman.

2. Fred Willson – He was an architect who between 1909 and 1956 designed hundreds of buildings in Bozeman.

3. Jim Bridger – He was a mountain man in the 1830’s who hiked and mapped the Bridgers.

4. Cindy Cristin – She is a family friend who has helped thousands of kids in Bozeman learn to read.

5. Dorothy Eck – She is an elderly Bozeman woman who served many years as a Democratic legislator.

6. Cindy Andrus – She is a city commissioner who is trying to make Bozeman a better place to live.

7. Mrs. Babcock – She is a 5th grade teacher at Longfellow who has educated Bozeman kids for 37 years.

8. Jane Klockman – She is in her 80’s and was born and raised in Bozeman.  She has fought to keep the Story Mansion a public building.

9. TeJay Vangarderen – He was born in Bozeman and was the fastest rider under 25 years old in “Le Tour de France”.

10. Story Hill – They are folk singers from Bozeman who have written songs about the Gallatin county.


10 Important People – by Jackson

1. John Bozeman – he founded Bozeman

2. Fred Willson – he designed many buildings in Bozeman

3. Nelson Story – first long horned cattle to Montana

4. Waded Cruzado – first female president of MSU

5. Jack Horner – paleontologist at Museum of the Rockies

6. John Bogert – first mayor of Bozeman

7. John Mendenhall – first Sheriff of Gallatin County

8. Daniel Rouse – drew places to Bozeman town site

9. William Alderson – publisher of Bozeman’s first newspaper

10. Alex Lowe – world famous mountaineer; died in 1999.


10 Important People

1. John Bozeman – he opened the Bozeman Trail and established it.

2. Fred Willson – an architect who built most Bozeman schools

3. Jim Bridger – discovered the mountains then named Bridgers

4. Chris Boyd – he established parks and trails

5. Lester Willson – Fred Willson’s dad

6. Albert Gallatin – Gallatin Valley was named after him

7. James Madison – Madison River is named after him

8. Thomas Jefferson – sent Lewis and Clark to discover Bozeman

9. Nelson Story – donated land

10. Rosa Beall – donated land

10 Important People – by Sam

1. John Bozeman – brought wagon trains to Bozeman

2. Nelson Story – founder of the city

3. Fred Willson – famous architect

4. Jim Bridger – pioneered the area

5. Rosa Beall – gave Beall Park to the city

6. Lady Blackmore – named Mount Blackmore

7. T. J. Vangarderen – Tour de France and Olympic biker

8. Champ – Bobcat mascot

9. President Cruzado – University president

10. Nikki Kimball –  ultra track runner


10 Important People to Bozeman History! – by Brianna

1. John Bozeman –  because our city is named after him

2. Nelson Story – because he was a gold miner

3. Fred Willson – because he made Longfellow, Irving, Willson

4. Lester S. Willson – because he was a U.S. Civil War officer in the Union Army

5. Roland R. Renne – he served at Montana State College

6. Greg Mortenson – because he is a founder of Pennies for Peace

7.  The Sioux Indians – because they are American people

8. Dan Bailey – because he was a fly shop owner

9. Conrad Anker – because he was a famous rock climber

10. Thomas Francis Meagher – because he was an Irish nationalist


10 Important People – by Norah

  • John Bozeman– He was the founder of Bozeman and he lead most of Bozeman’s first inhabitants here in a wagon train of emigrants and gold miners.
  • Jim Bridger– In a way, it was his fault that John founded Bozeman because he raced Bozeman to Virginia City near which Bozeman was


  • Fred Wilson– He designed some of our oldest schools (Longfellow, Irving, Hawthorne and Wilson schools).
  • The Story family– They drove cattle through Bozeman and established the first cow herd near here.
  • Captains Lewis and Clark– Were the first whites to explore the this area.
  • Marvin Shaw– My grandpa; he taught generations of college students about religious philosophy.
  • William Horace Clagett-Made the Act of Dedication bill which lead to the creation of Yellowstone.
  • John Jacobs– He was Bozeman’s partner as he lead the wagon train to VC.
  •  Henry Edgar– Discovered gold in Virginia City, which made Bozeman prosperous.
  • Jeannette Rankin– From MT, first woman in congress, fought for woman’s suffrage. Only person to vote against WWI and WWII


10 Important People – by Sellers

  1. Captain Lewis- because without him there would be no access to the west
  2. Captain Clark-because without him there would be no access to the west
  3. President Jefferson- because he was the one who came up for the idea for the expedition
  4. John Bozeman- because he was the founder of our town
  5. Jim Bridger-because he and John Bozeman raced to Virginia City and without him John Bozeman would have not found this town
  6. Sacagawea- because she assisted the expedition.
  7. Nelson Story- because he is one of the founders of our town
  8. Greg Mortenson- because he lived in Bozeman and gave money to an institute in need
  9. Fred F. Willson- because he has his own street and designed a bunch of buildings downtown
  10. Heather McPhie- because she was a freestye skier that was on the U.S. Olympic team in 2010


10 Important People – By Sophia

  • Mr. John Bozeman brought wagons and immigrants to Bozeman
  • Mr. Don Despain is a Montana scientist
  • Mr. Albert Schlechten is a Montana photographer
  • Mr. David Quammen is a writer, he writes about nature and science
  • Miss Alma Jacobs was the first African American librarian
  • Mr. James Hill was a railroad executive
  • Mr. Nelson Story was one of the richest men in Bozeman
  • Mr. William Henry named Fort William Henry
  • Miss Dorthy Baker is a journalist
  • Mr. Fred Willson designed most of the buildings downtown


10 Important People – by Daniel

1.John Bozeman-Town Founder

2.John Bogert-First mayor

3.Nelson Story-Founding father

4.Luther Foster-First president of M.S.C.

5.Jeremiah Mathews-Founder of Bozeman Hot Springs

6.Jan Stenerud-pro football player from Bozeman(was also a ski jumper from Norway)

7.Jack Horner-a famous paleontologist

8.Greg Mortenson-humanitarian

9.Chet Huntly-newsman (on NBC)

10.Heather McPhie-Olympic member of freestyle ski team