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Main Street Fitness

P1590832 By Jessica and Nina

               Let’s go back to 2005 when Main Street Fitness was just built. The owners were Mike Murgatroy and Rolf Wilson. They moved from 27th E. Main ST. They got their name, because they are on Main Street and work with fitness. They started the business because they didn’t want to work for anyone else. They have changed a lot. They used to be a training center, to a gym, to a training center and gym. The biggest event that happened at Main Street Fitness is when the “BIG R” burnt down.

They’re a young business, but they have a history. They chose their location by having a talk and deciding where to be. Their most popular class is personal training and weight loss. The least popular service is cardio. Their most expensive class is a I hour 30 pack.

Rolf`s schedule is: he trains until 10:00, he takes a walk and gets some towels, and then he trains for the rest of the day. Nine people work here. They do hockey training witch is unusual. They are not part of a chain. The newest class they have group and step classes.

They chose their location by making a decision. Their biggest problem is that they are in a basement. Their biggest competition is The Ridge. Their business is affected because they are downtown. They don’t have a favorite part; they love it all. He chose his work because he wanted help people. Rolf would like to change downtown Bozeman by having the snow plow his business right away. He would like more trainers. If he could use one word to describe his job it would be fun.

We had a really fun working experience. First we got to train somebody named Stephan. Then we tried out some equipment. He did a lot of arm and leg exercises. Finally we checked him out and set another appointment. All in all, we had a really fun time.


Country Bookshelf

P1590826 by Jocie, Norah and Amelia

Looking for a good book? The Country Bookshelf is the place to be. Polly Renne started this bookstore in 1957. It used to be located on Babcock St. in the white chapel. Back then it was called White Chapel Books. Now it is the Country Bookshelf. Renne’s inspiration was that she believed the town of Bozeman was in need of a bookstore. The Country Bookshelf has changed over the years. The business has had three owners, different staff and ever changing books. Many book signings have occurred at the store. At one point the famous authors, Brendon Mull and Christopher Paoloni came and over 200 fans showed up. The old building the Country Bookshelf is located in is thought to be haunted.

At the Country Bookshelf you can find many different types of people, especially bookworms. Customers often buy Montana authors, new fiction and adult fiction. The least popular items are pens and pencils. The things that go for the most money are Atlases and Coffee Table books. T- shirts, stuffed animals and recipe holders are some unusual things for a bookstore to sell. The genre that they carry the most of is Non-fiction. The Country Bookshelf has eleven employees and is home to about 30,000 books. Their daily schedule for employees at the Country Bookshelf includes unlocking and turning the computers on. After that they tidy things up and make sure books have not fallen over and there are no ” holes” or spaces where no books are. They would put away any new books in the correct section. Then they help customers at the front desk.

When you walk into the Country Bookshelf there is a comfortable atmosphere. Tucker’s (the man we interviewed) favorite part of his job is being around books and becoming friends with the customers. Tucker chose to work here because he loves to read. A few of his favorite books include Harry Potter, The Wall and East of Eden. He has worked here for about two years. The founder of the Country Bookshelf chose this location because people often shop downtown.  A couple of the biggest problems with being located downtown is the two hour parking limit and the leaky roof of the old building which damages the books in a storm. The staff agreed on changing the hours of stores so that after their shifts are over they could buy meals. Their biggest competition is Amazon and Barnes & Noble, because they are cheaper.

Our work experience was great. First we interviewed Tucker. Then he gave us a full tour, including upstairs and the backroom. Next we scanned and placed books on their correct shelves. That is why the Country Bookshelf is a great place to go for a good book.


P1590833 Hazel, Sellers, and Morgan

         In 2007, downtown Bozeman was changed forever.  The store that changed it is called Heyday.  As you may know it was started in 2007.  The original owner is Lisa Rickenbaugh.  Although they don’t have any other locations, they still have a great business.  The reason Lisa started Heyday is because she really wanted to sell more variety of colors for table linens and candles.  The store has changed from selling home décor to more of a gift store.  The recession and the downtown explosion scarred Heyday with grief.  We don’t know when the escalator was put in but it was taken out the year that Heyday went in.  Now as you see history is important, because memories are history and memories are the key to life.

This store can be described in many ways.  They sell many things but the things they sell most of are signs that say positive things like “Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy marshmallows which is pretty much the same thing.”  They don’t sell a lot of rugs.  The most expensive things that they sell are fancy designer handbags that come in a variety of colors.  The types of people who shop there are happy, smiley and wonderful people.  The most unusual item they sell are Gurgle Pots which make a gurgle sound when you pour the water out or pour it back in.  The least expensive things they sell are greeting cards with funny captions.  Lisa’s daily schedule is to first take her kids to school, then take a short run, then do thinking work and then goes to the store to work.  Next, she leaves when she needs to leave.

The names of her ten employees are Grandmama, Lisa I., Bridgette, Kara, Kimmie, Angela, Diane, Melissa, Susanna and finally Howie the UPS delivery guy.  Now you see the uniqueness of Heyday and it’s beauty.

We asked Lisa and she told us her opinions about downtown and Heyday.  One reason why Lisa choose Heyday’s location is that she loves Main Street.  The biggest problem is that there is not enough stores downtown.  Their biggest competition is Target because they sell some of the same things for cheaper prices.  How the location effects their business is that tourists adore Main Street.   She owns Heyday so she really loves working there.  Her favorite part about working there are the awesome people.  She would like to change downtown Bozeman by adding more space to her business.  She would love a bigger store!  Her favorite object is a Tapi (which is only $6.)  This is her opinion of Heyday, what’s yours?

We had so much fun working at Heyday.  First we interviewed Lisa and toured the store and got right to work stickering the price to each item.  We sorted and arranged merchandise.  We took a look at the Tapi and found out that it is basically a portable water fountain that you squeeze the bottom of and then drink through the spout, the best part is you don’t have to take it off!   We also placed pillows and alarm clocks in baskets and moved them to the other side of the store.  We also shook out blankets and tablecloths and picked up books and garden bags then rearranged fold up bags. Stop by the store, we know you’ll love it!

Head West

P1590825 Brynn and Naudia

       Head West started in June 2009.  The original owner was Charlie Brooks, but now Terra owns it.  Head West has no other locations.  Head West sells hats and western clothing.  It used to be an art gallery but when that shut down it became Head West.  Head West started as a resale store.  Now it sells new clothes from wholesale markets.  There was a gas explosion downtown which caused a lot of damage.  Terra has worked at Head West for five years, and they sell western and crossover clothes.

Women’s clothes and accessories are the best sellers at Head West.  Men’s clothing and boots don’t sell as well. Cowgirl boots are the most expensive thing in the store.  The people that come to the store the most is the summer are tourists and, in the winter, tourists.  The most unusual things they sell are cowhide coozies.  They have four employees whose daily routine is to spiff up, check the notebook, and change the manikins and take care of customers.

The biggest problem with Head West’s location is leak in the ceiling.  There is a bathtub in the apartment above them that leaves big puddles on their floor!  Their biggest competition is the Powder Horn, because they sell similar clothing.  Terra has an art degree from MSU and worked at the art gallery first, then worked retail with Charlie, the original owner, before she took over Head West.  Her favorite part of the job is how creative she can be.  Terra thinks all the open spaces from the gas explosion should get filled up with new businesses.

During our work experience, Terra showed us all around the store.  She showed us how to ring up the items and put tags on the shirts.  She also showed us the difference between the upstairs and downstairs of the store.

Berg Law Firm

P1590834 By Sophia and Claire

    The Berg Law Firm is a very interesting business. Ben Berg, Mike Lilly, and Gig Tollefsen started it in 1970.  These three men started this business to work together. The only location they had was Downtown Bozeman.  Berg Law Firm as changed a lot since 1970, they are now more computers focused. The biggest historical event that has ever happened to the Berg Law Firm is the downtown gas explosion. The law firm was the only business to remain open on the north side of the street.

The Berg Law Firm provides state planning, wills and real estate services to the people of Bozeman.  The most popular service they provide is dealing with wills. The least popular service they provide is criminal law. The most expensive service is with the Yellowstone club. The most unusual service they provide is car registration. That is lot of work for only 13 employees! Each employee has a very tight schedule. It goes something like this: work until noon, have a break, work from 1:00 until 5:00. There are many different people that come to the firm. The most common are people that need advice, people who are in trouble, and people who want to do the right thing.

The biggest problem that Berg Law Firm faces is not enough space, but they kept their location because there is only one downtown. The law firm’s biggest competition is Goetz Law Firm.  We interviewed a very nice man named Jeremy. Who said his favorite part about his business is that he learns every day. He also told us that he would add a left turn lane to Maine Street. It was fun to ask these questions.

We had a lot of fun working here! We helped the employees a lot. We opened letters, a lot of letters. We also did some copying, stapling and removing staples. We stamped their mail too. Mr. Lefeber loves going to work and learning something new! We learned some new things too!

The Leaf and Bean

P1590829 By: Madison, Braeden, and Ari

There is lots of good history about the Leaf and Bean. The Leaf and Bean was started in 1977. Glen Close was one of the original owners. One of the other places that the Leaf and Bean has been located is the Bridger Peaks Shopping Center. The reason Glen Close started this business is because there were no other coffee shops in Bozeman at the time. The reason the Leaf and Bean is named the Leaf and Bean is because they sell tea (leaf) and coffee (bean). The way this business has changed in the past is they upgraded technology, remodeled the Leaf and Bean, and finally expanded the Leaf and Bean in lots of ways. The downtown explosion was one of the biggest events in the Leaf and Bean history. Lucky it was only a couple blocks away. They had four owners before now. The Leaf and Bean was the first coffee shop downtown.

Lots of people have really good descriptions about the Leaf and Bean. The item that is most popular is their big sky Milky Way. The most expensive thing that they sell is milkshakes. The Leaf and Bean sells to all ages. Their most unusual things they sell are funny merchandise. The Leaf and Bean has seventeen employees. They have three people work in the day and three people in the afternoon. The most unpopular thing they sell is decaf coffee. The night hours are pretty slow. The Leaf and Beans most popular store hours are 8:30 to10:30. See the descriptions of the Leaf and Bean are very creative.

My partners and I went to Leaf and Bean to interview employees and help with their work. We learned about the business’ history, its description, and an employee’s opinion. The name of the employee is Erin, and she told us that she chose to work here, because it’s locally owned. She likes its relaxed and work related atmosphere. She also likes all of the tourists, business people, and that she knows all the customers. Erin said that the original owners chose this business, because it was in Bozeman. Also, she thinks their biggest competition is City Brew because they have a drive thru. One day when Erin was in the Leaf and Bean basement to get tea bags, she heard someone talking. She looked over and there was no one there. One thing Erin would like to change about downtown Bozeman is to get another hotel. To Erin Leaf and Bean’s biggest problem with their location is parking. But it also affects their business in a good way because of all the customers. My partners and I found out that Erin has an amazing opinion.

We all worked at the Leaf and Bean. We did at least three jobs. Ari and I cleaned the toys and books with a wet rag. We took out the trash. We took out the recycling. This gave my partners and I some good work experience. We had tons of fun. I would love to do this again.


P1590838 By Bailey and Vivian

Vargo’s is a jazz and bookstore that was started in 1984 the original owner is Frances Vargo. He set up the store in downtown Bozeman because at the time Bozeman needed a bookstore. He named the store Vargo’s, because it’s his last name. One of the biggest historical events is was the big explosion down town Vargo’s was lucky enough to get missed. Vargo’s used to be located across the street from where they are now. That is just a little history about Vargo’s.

If you are looking for books, jazz music or cards Vargo’s is the place for you. Today Vargo’s sells most of books, records and cards.   They sell least of CD’s.  One of the most expensive things they sell there are rare books they range in price up to 500 dollars. The most unusual things they sell there are the humorous pins and magnets. Some people come hear to by jazz music by Ella Fitzgerald and other amazing jazz artists. Others come to look for books about art, Montana and a lot of other interesting subjects . Every day one out of 5 employees come turn on the lights and jam to some jazz music and wait for business to roll in.