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Written by Tyler

         There are a lot of things that make Bozeman unique.  It’s a small place. So then you can know the way around easier. There are also a lot of friendly people here. Also, if you like to sled, there are a lot of sledding hills. In the summer there is a beach to swim in. there is also a lot of parks.  I love Bozeman.

There are a lot of things that make Seattle special.

The Seahawks, Seattle Sounders, and Mariners are there. Also, there are places interesting to see like the Space Needle, Seattle Zoo, Seattle aquarium, and tours. There are also a lot of cars there. Also, you can find a lot of houses to live in. Finally, a lot of good jobs are found in Seattle. Seattle is awesome.

Things that make Seattle unique: A lot of houses to live in, and interesting places to see. There are also good schools. There are also a lot of places to buy food. Finally, there are buses that go around Seattle so you can get around with out using a car.  That is why you should live in and/or like Seattle.


Bozeman- Sydney, Australia

By Braeden H.

There are many things that make Bozeman special.   It’s a fun place to live in because of all of the video games you can play.  The weather is cool, and I mean cold.  The town is surrounded by breathtaking scenery.  The history of Bozeman is amazing.  Those are some of the reasons I think Bozeman is interesting.

Sydney, Australia, is unique.  Surfing is popular there.  The friendly people speak with an Australian accent.  The Sydney Opera House has spine quill like architecture.  It’s the capitol of Australia and on its outer edge.  These are some of the things my family and I enjoyed on our two vacations to Sydney, Australia.

If I could choose where to live, I would choose Bozeman.  I have more friends here.  People care about me here.  When I fainted once this year during math class, everyone was very worried about me.  I like to snowboard, and there’s hardly any snow in Australia.  I like riding my bike around Bozeman.  It’s not that far to get to Lia’s or Alex’s houses.  Bozeman is comfortable for me.


Bozeman vs. New York

By Alex

Bozeman and New York are very different cities but you might notice some similarities. The things that make Bozeman special are: it is not too congested, it has a reasonable amount of businesses/ jobs, it is not too big or too small, it has a lot of fun things to do and it has lots of trails to walk on.  That’s why I live in Bozeman. It is very special.

The things that makes New York special are: it has a lot more people to meet, it is bigger than Bozeman, lots of job opportunities (not that Bozeman doesn’t have enough, it’s that N.Y. Has a lot more), it has lots of cool skyscrapers and it has a lot more taxis. It is special too, but I live in Bozeman for a reason. The reason is, I like walking on trails and I know enough people.

The reasons a person would pick Bozeman to live in: it isn’t congested, N.Y. Is congested, Bozeman has enough people to know, N.Y. Has too many people to know, they both have their ups and downs but I would choose to live in Bozeman.  You could live anywhere, but I recommend Bozeman for sure.

Bozeman, Montana-Brussels, Belgium

By Sophia

  Bozeman and Brussels are both amazing in their own ways!

Here are some things that make Bozeman unique. Bozeman is very sporty and I love sports! Bozeman gets a ton of snow.  It’s so warm, sunny, and nice too. I could never forget how nice the people are here!!! The schools are really good here, and I have learned a lot.

Brussels is pretty nice too. For one thing the food is as perfect as perfect can get. I feel like the waffles scream “EAT ME!!!!!!!” Brussels is also really old and America is not that old. Brussels is cold and rainy (I adore rain). Plus you can travel to a million other places because Belgium is the capitol of Europe.

I would choose Brussels to live in because it is cold and rainy, did I mention I love rain?! Amazing food. It’s in Europe and I love Europe. The people are so nice. Who doesn’t love nice people? Plus you can travel, and by far I love to travel. I would chose Belgium to live in, what would you chose?

Bozeman – Palm Springs

By, Naudia

There are many things that make Bozeman unique.  Bozeman has friendly people because people make stuff for each other and give stuff to each other. Bozeman has beautiful scenery because you can always see the mountains and the sunsets. There are very cool animals like the Bobcat and the cougar. The weather can change in 5 minutes it can be sunny then it rains. There are lots of farms, which is nice because we can have fresh stuff homegrown or homemade.

There are also things that make Palm Springs unique. It’s cool how Palm Springs is a desert and yet theirs so much life and green. It’s also cool how so many celebrities live there. It’s hot like an oven in the summer. Palm Springs has a lot of fancy restaurants, I can’t remember their names though, but there was one that was REALLY good. Since it’s really hot, they have water parks and water activities.

I think you should live in Bozeman because you can see all of those cool animals. Meet all of those friendly people. See the beautiful view. There are a lot of jobs – sort of. There is also a wide variety of plant life. Also, I live in Bozeman. That’s why I think you should live in Bozeman.

Bozeman – Macon

           by Sellers

Bozeman is a very unique place. A neat thing about Bozeman is that it snows a lot. Bozeman has really fun festivals like the Sweet Pea parade, which is a weekend during August. If you like to downhill ski, Bozeman has to really good ski mountains. There are also really good public schools that you could possibly walk to from your house. One thing that most people like about Bozeman is that there are nice people so you can love Bozeman even more. I can’t wait to see you in Bozeman.

Macon is a unique place to live. Macon is close to the beach, but it’s really close to lakes so it’s easy to get to, and get wet on a nice hot day. You will love to shop here because there are super nice stores. Macon is in the center of Georgia, and so you can go to the North and South Georgia, easier than if you live in North Georgia you want to go to South Georgia. There is amazing food in Macon, and you’ll be drooling over it. Macon has really big schools so don’t worry about to big of a population. I hope to see you around Macon.

If you’re thinking about moving to Macon here are some reasons to move there. The weather there is a pretty good. There is good country clubs here, if you like to swim and play golf. For schools there aren’t the best public schools but there are really good private schools. When you wander around Macon you will notice some really pretty houses. If you go to a private school you will notice some pretty interesting summer camps. Now you see that you don’t have to be a millionaire to move to Macon.

Bozeman- Green Bay, WI

By Morgan

There are many amazing things about Bozeman, MT. First, Bozeman is known for skiing and snowboarding. Bozeman also attracts a lot of students because of MSU, our college. Bozeman has all four seasons. Which means we have lots of outdoor activities. Bozeman is very dog friendly. That’s why Bozeman is special to me.

Next, we are going to talk about why Green Bay is special. Green Bay is special because they are known for cheese. Green Bay is also unique because they have the Green Bay Packers their NFL football team.   Green Bay also has some of the best brats. Green Bay is also known for fishing and shipping centers.

Last but certainly not least is why a person might want to live in Green Bay. Firstly, Green Bay has beautiful houses. Second, because of the scenery and Green Bay has all four seasons. Last, is maybe for work because they have lots of businesses. But remember if you move to Green Bay you will absolutely have to know that there are many Packer fans.