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William J. Beall


By Eben

william j bealWilliam Beall was born in Philadelphia May 19, 1834. In 1856 he moved to Kansas for a while. He went to Denver Colorado to go to Fort Larami in 1862. In the March of 1863 he moved to Virginia City Montana. That October, he moved to Salt Lake City. Then that December, he moved back to Virginia City. In the January of 1864, he moved to Three Forks to grow and sell potatoes. He was one of the early settlers in that vicinity. William Beall and his wife, Rosa Beall, married in 1868.

Before William and Rosa wedded, Rosa had been coming to the Gallatin Valley in 1864 with her two daughters Lola and Minnie. They had just barely escaped getting killed by Cheyenne Indians on their perilous journey. The Van Vleierdens arrived on August 1, 1867. Her husband took her daughters back to Ohio.

In 1877 William Beall designed and built another grade school, where Emerson school is now. Sadly, William Beall died in 1903. He was 96 years old. April 16, 1930 the last of Bozeman’s founding pioneers, Rosa Beall died. She was 91.

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