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Walter Teslow


by Brynn

Hi I’m Walter Teslow I was born on July 18, 1819 in Alberta Minn. I climbed aboard a great northern train. I got married in San Antonio Texas, on April 6,1918. I went to MSU for college as a director in 1918. I bought my first elevator from F&M. I renamed the business calling it “Swift Feed and Grain Co.”. In 1939 the swift elevator burned down. $2.50 for 100 lb. sack of egg mash, 70 cents a 100 for wheat one bale of hay, $7.00 for a ton of coal, $1.35 a 100 for corn, and 63 cents for 100 oats. I built an elevator at the Holland siding of the Milwaukee Railroad south of Manhattan. I had three children Marge, Dick and Fran. I died in 1975, two years prior to Dick’s death. My mother Rose died shortly after Dick, in 1978.

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