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Walter Cooper


by Bailey

In 1843 Walter Cooper was born. He came to Montana in 1863 and settled in Bozeman in 1869. One year later he married Miriam Skeels and had 3 children, tragically, only one out of the three survived. Walter had many friends like Jim Bridger, who he spent year trapping animals with. William Jennings and President William Mckinley. He had a life to love in Montana.

Walter Cooper was an inventor and invented and patent many different firearms (which were called guns at the time). At one time he manufactured very popular long-range hunters rifle. In 1884 he secured control of coalfields at Rocky Fork. In 1902 he organized the Walter Cooper Company, it was a lumbering company that manufactured over 2.5 million railroad ties and other timbering products. Walter Cooper has many accomplishments.

Walter Cooper had many jobs. Some consisted of a coal miner, a merchant, a miller and a delegate of Montana’s constitutional convention. Walter Cooper had a very interesting life and died in 1905, 20 years later his wife died.

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