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The life of Gustavus Cheyney Doane


Written by: Tyler

gustavuaGustavus Cheyney Doane was born on 1840 in Illinois. He was an Explorer and Indian fighter. In his childhood he went with his family to find fortune. The military career was set on his mind. He went east to go to the union army. He was in four companies in fort Ellis on 1869. He and two-hundred and thirty union soldiers attacked Piegan winter camp it was a branch of the Blackfeet. They went all over the camp and shot at them for an hour, they lost only one man. They killed about 90 women, 50 children, and 33 men. They even took 140 women and children prisoner. A man named Major Baker ordered them to be let loose with no food or shelter and he let them loose while It was forty four below zero, people called it the Baker massacre.

He married Mary Lee Hunter in 1878. They had no kids. When Doane applied for the Yellowstone national park superintendent he said he “led the greatest Indian slaughter ever made by U.S. Troops” but there were Several other, greater slaughters. Gustavus Doane Died of a heart attack in 1878. Mary Lee hunter never re married and she died in 1952 dying at the age of 93.







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