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by Lorelei

The Langors were pioneer florists in Bozeman. They started a floral business that is still around today. Also, by doing that, they contributed culturaly to our community. Their floral buiness is now 100 years old. Many people buy flowers there.

Michael Langor was born in Adrian Michigan in 1816 on April 14. When he was 18 he came to make his home in the west. Margret “Maggie” Miller was born in Butlersville Indiana in 1870 Maggie came to Montana when she was less than 2 years old.

A couple years later in 1896, they opened a grocery store. A sign read “FRESH LETTUCE, Raised in Bozeman. None of your imported stuff.  NEXT SATURDAY AT LANGORS.” The store closed a couple years later.

The Langors contributed a ton of things to our community.   Their flower shop is still part of our community. Don M. Langor died on October 29,2013. His family has been a huge part of our community. The Langor’s flower land is still a fabulous business in this community.

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