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The Bealls


                              by Isabelle

The Bealls are an amazing family. The two Bealls that did the most to help the community is Rose Beall and William Beall. William Beall helped find Bozeman with John Bozeman and Daniel Rouse. John Bozeman, Daniel Rouse and William Beall were close friends they all went on the same adventure together. Rose used to be married to A.H. Van Vlieden but they divorced, and she married William Beall. Before Rose married William Beall she had two girls. When Rose was married to A.H. Van Vlierden he left their home, Rose and her two girls were in the house, then a pack of wolves surrounded their house so Rose had to fight them with her two girls behind her. Rose was the oldest original pioneer. I think the Bealls was really fun to study and learn about.

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