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Rex Moore (1926 to 1989)


By: Amelia

       On July 30th 1926, I was born. My name is Ignatius Rex Moore. My mother was a full blood Sioux Indian from Devils Lake, North Dakota, and my father was of an Irish-American background. I had three sisters: Helen, Grace and Irene, and one brother Edward. From the time I was little I liked to illustrate stories from history and Philosophy.

As I got older I realized there was no career for a young artist, so when I was 16 (claiming to be 17) I enlisted in the navy in Devils Lake, North Dakota. One year later I transferred to the Marine Corps .In 1946 I was discharged as a sergeant First Class. After that I became a military policeman, until I was discharged from Army service in 1963.

Now I could finally pursue my true artistic desires. In 1965 I married Fay Marble and adopted a baby boy a year later. Meanwhile I started exhibiting my paintings in store windows and galleries. My subjects varied from Native American Portraits to Rodeo Scenes. My talents as an artist were beginning to be known in the Livingston area. My works have been used on note cards, brochures and mugs across the country. I died on April 11th 1989 in the Billings Deaconess Hospital.

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