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Nelson Story


By: Daniel

          250px-NelsonStory  My name is Nelson Story. I was born in 1838 in Ohio. I left Ohio in 1863 and married Ellen Trent. I had four kids, one girl and three boys. I used to have four girls but three of them died young. I mined for gold but never found any. Except one day I found $30,000 in gold dust near Virginia City! I knew gold wouldn’t last forever, so I went to Texas to buy 3,000 longhorn steers. I went to Bozeman to make a new industry. This was one of the first cattle drives across 1,000 miles. I hired twenty-five men and bought them each a rifle. We went to Montana riding 1,000 mustang horses. Once I got to Bozeman I bought hundreds of acres of land and farmed cattle and grew wheat. In 1883 I started a successful mill. I died in 1926. This was my life.

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