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Melissa Smith


By Tyler

         Melissa Smith is a musical artist.  This is a story about her history and her musical art.  She was born February 14th in Fredericksburg, VA.  In her family she has a mom, dad, and a sister.  She is now married with two daughters.  Her education was a Bachelors degree in music education.  The college she went to was Sam Houston State.  Her high school band director inspired her in her musical arts.  She shows her art all around Bozeman.  She gets her ideas by listening to a lot of music.  The materials she uses are instruments and music from the last 500 years.

This is her suggested project.  She suggested to our class that band/ orchestra is an art form that she uses.  She also said that you need voices, creativity, and instruments for this.  Finally, the step you need for it is “practice and enjoyment”.

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