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”Lady” Mary Blackmore


By: Laken

Mt. Blackmore was named after ”Lady” Mary Blackmore who came from England to visit the west.  She was born in London, England and married William Blackmore. William was quite wealthy working as a middleman between English investors and promoters in the American west.  They lived on extensive estate and usually entertained many guests such as Charlotte Bronte, Alfred Lord Tenneyson and more.  Mary was a London social leader and was an associate of Queen Victoria.  William had made several trips to the U.S. And seemed to enjoy the west, he had provided generous financial assistance to photographer William Jackson, artist Thomas Moren and explorer Dr. Fernandad Hayden. He had a interest in anthropology and in Native American life and customs.

On his fourth trip to America was quite tragic, he had bought Mary and his nephew to go with him to see Yellowstone in 1872. Only a couple days into the trip, Mary gets very sick and dies of peritonitis at General Lester Willson’s home. She was buried on five acres bought by William Blackmore that is now called Sunset Hills. Later Dr. Hayden discovers a mountain and names it Mt. Blackmore in Mary’s honor.


in 1878, William Blackmore American investments brought him to financial ruin which led to him shooting himself in the head with a pistol.

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