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Johnny ” Tex ” Moore


By: Mekayla

Johnny ” Tex ” Moore was a Texas born cowboy. He was a Indian scout, trail rider, Texas ranger, and an author. He preferred to be called ”Tex” but his real name was John Marcellus ”Tex” Moore. Johnny lived in Livingstone on East park street and in his room was a large display of his paintings and visited for the first time in September 1924. Lots of people think that Johnny is a scenic western painter and tries to get every detail of western sections. He also drew portraits of presidents but don’t leave with out asking about the chest in the corner his wife will pull out canvas after canvas.

Johnny was a cattle puncher in Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Montana. Being a cattle puncher can leave marks. Just like being a cattle puncher Johnny had marks all over his body and an ugly wound from a Mexican knife fighter. Johnny ”Rex” Moore was also an artist like ”Tex”. Mr. and Mrs. Moore came to Livingstone in the 1920s and Mrs. Moore’s death was a big profound effect on Mr. Moore. In the end you can see he was an amazing artist.

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