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Jenni Fleming


By Vivian

Jenni Fleming is a phenomenal singer and pianist who devotes her time to locally performing and teaching music. She was born December fifth 1973 in Spokane Washinton. She was adopted as an infant and has three sisters, one is older and the two others are younger. Her mom was an English teacher and her father was a pastor they where and still are vary musical family. All of her siblings had to take piano lesons and so did she. Jenni took 18 years of lessons her favorite teacher was Ralph she said he taught her the most out of all her teachers. She started singing at church in the choir when she was six. This was how she got interested in singing

Her inspirations are people in her band (drummer, bass and a guitar player) and people she hears on the radio. I asked her what our class room should do for an art project and she said that we should write a song she said that we would need a piano, someone to play the piano and one more person to write down ideas.

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