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Jamie Lenon



By Sophia

         I interviewed a man named Jamie Lenon and enjoyed it.  Here are a few facts.  Jamie Lenon was born in Kalispell, Montana with his parents and two older sisters.  Jamie has his own family now.  Jamie has had five years of college at MSU.  He is an amazing architect and so is his inspiration, his dad.  That is the history of Jamie Lenon.

Jamie has a great career – take a look!  Jamie was trained at MSU.  He displays his art on Main Street.  You can see Jamie’s at everywhere!  You can see it on houses, stores and buildings.  He gets his ideas everywhere, too.  He uses a lot of computers to do his work.  I would get a ton of headaches if I worked at a computer all day!

Jamie thought of a really cool project for us to do – designing a house or a school.  We would need paper, pencils and something straight.  First, think of a design.  Next, draw some rooms.  Make sure there is space!  Don’t forget hallways and corridors, or stairs if needed.  I want to do exactly what Jamie does… someday.

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