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Henry J.P. Comstock


By Minna

            Henry J.P. Comstock was born in 1820 in Canada.  Comstock was nicknamed “Old Pancake”.  It was said that Comstock had enough badness in him for three men.  In 1859 he was mining for gold in western Nevada.  There was an odd looking gold that came from the claim and was soon discovered to be mainly silver.  Comstock was described to be a loudmouth and talked about “his” discovery and “his” claim.  He did this so much that he became known as the Comstock Load.  Four prospectors sold out to a developer, and Comstock received $11,000.  None of the developers were interested in the mine that was about to make history, producing $400 million in metals.  Comstock spent his money quickly and soon became demented and ended up in Bozeman living on East Main Street.  Broke and lonely he committed suicide, shooting himself.  Comstock died in 1870.

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