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Fred Wilson


Pleased to meet you, let me introduce myself.

I am Fred Wilson, I was born on November 8,1877 and was a famous architect. I attended M.S.U. and Columbia State College. I studied architecture in France at L’ecole Des Beaux Arts and then traveled Europe. I also, worked as an architect in New York after I graduated college.

I designed the Wilson middle school, the Gallatin Country Courthouse, the Gallatin country jail, the Ellen Theater and the holy rosary church. I went to the White house when he was in his 30s and shook hands with the President for my great work. I did a lot of my work in Bozeman and was quite a fine man and never got married. I was very smart and clever. I died on August 13,1956 at the age of 78.It was a very tragic loss and people were very sad.

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