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Evelyn J. Cameron


By: Emma

            Evelyn J. Cameron was an amazing person. She was born on August 26, 1868, near Streatham, England, and lived there for her childhood. In 1889, she married Even S. Cameron and they spent their honeymoon hunting in Montana. They fell in love with Montana and moved there in 1893. There they established the Eve Ranch. They started training and raising polo ponies. The pony business, however, didn’t work out. In 1897, they decided to drop the pony business and try something new. This is just some of Evelyn J. Cameron’s early life.

Evelyn Cameron has many accomplishments. To make money, she sold her garden produce and photos. She was very good with her little box camera she had bought in 1894 and fell in love with. She recorded her pioneering in words and photos, and had many diaries. Some pioneer women may have griped about doing all the housework, but Evelyn as very independent and loved doing it without help. She was an inspiring woman.

Evelyn’s late life wasn’t out of the ordinary. In 1902, they moved to a place near the Yellowstone River. In 1907, they moved again to a ranch not far from Fallow, Montana. Even was nearly always sick and died at an early age on May 25, 1915. After that, Evelyn managed to ranch alone until her death of heart failure during an appendix operation. Evelyn J. Cameron was an interesting pioneer woman.

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