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Ellen Trent Story



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Ellen Trent was born July 4th 1863 to Mathew and Frances Trent. She was said to have raven black hair and black eyes.

In 1879 she married Nelson Story, a successful cattle rancher and flourmill owner. When Ellen visited gold mining camps coming to the gold rush in Montana and baked for the miners.

Then Nelson got $30.000 worth of gold, they became Bozeman’s first millionaires. And they built a giant mansion.

Ellen and Nelson had seven children. Three boys and four girls, but sadly three of the girls died at age 1&2&3. The surviving children were: Nelson Jr., Rose, T.B, and Walter.

Ellen died February 9th at the age of 79 years old. She was a great early woman of Bozeman.

After she died, a theater was built and they named it: THE ELLEN.

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