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Ellen Trent Story


I am Ellen Trent Story. I died in 1929, many years ago, yet I am still going to tell you my story.

I was born on July 22, 1884, in Platte County, Missouri, where I lived for 10 years of my life. Then I moved to Kansas, where I met my future husband, Nelson Story. In 1862, at only 18 years of age, I married Nelson. Then came the gold rush, and like many people in 1863, my husband and I moved west. We settled in Montana, where we had heard there was abundant gold. I was one of the first women in the camp, so I spent my time baking goods like cookies and pies to sell to the miners. Unlike some of the gold miners, we made a fortune!

In 1866, on February 2, I finally had my first child, Alice Montana Story. I had six other children after Alice, but only four survived to adulthood, one girl and three boys. Three other girls including Alice died before age three. My husband and I built a $125,000 mansion in Bozeman, MT, with some of the money we made from mining gold. In 1919, the Ellen Theatre was built. Though I was not a theatre person, my sons Nelson Story Jr. and T.B. Story (two of the five investors in the Ellen), named it after their mother, me! Finally, on February 9, 1929 at age 79, I died. I am peacefully buried in Sunset cemetery.

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