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Edna Tracy White


edna tracyBy: Madison

          Edna Tracy White was born on March 17, 1887, to Sarah Bessie Tracy and William H. Tracy in the Tracy house on thecorner of Tracy Ave and Mendenhall. She grew up and went to Montana State College (M.S.U.).  In 1908 Edna graduated with a degree in chemistry. After college she taught at schools in Pony and Virginia City.

On August 22, 1914, Edna married John J. White. They had three kids. John J. White died in 1943.  Twenty-three years later she moved to Hillcrest Retirement Home. Her kids grew up.  So she had five grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

Edna was really helpful in the community. She volunteered at places like the Gallatin County Historical Society.   She (in the past) has provided many scholarships for MSU students, and was a member of the Bozeman City Library Board. Lastly, she was a benefactor for the Museum of the Rockies. After every thing Edna did for the community, she passed away in 1982, 95 years old, and in the Hillcrest Retirement Home.

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