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Tatum Earys Johnson


by Lia

Tatum Johnson is an amazing artist. I chose her for an artist to interview half because she is a great artist and half because she is my aunt. Let me tell you about her. Tatum was born in Bozeman, Montana on August 9th 1987. Her family was funny and creative making home videos when they were kids. Her family is like that now too. Tatum got a masters degree in photography. Tatum is a graphic designer and a photographer. Tatum’s history was a fun time for her.

Tatum learned all she knows from Savanna College Of Art and Design. She does her art in a studio downtown called “The Foundry” she also displays her artwork in that studio. She also displays her art on her website. She gets her ideas from books and magazines. She was inspired by Annie Lebowitz who was a photographer and also by her Dad: Tom Johnson. She does silk-screening. Silk-screening as in taking plain T-shirts and making designs on them by printing it on the t shirt using ink. She uses colored ink, silk-screen, clothing, and for photography, a camera.

If my class was to do an art project, she suggested  a project where the class could pick out a design and help silk screen their own T-shirts. Or maybe a photography project. We would need ink, a thing to flatten the ink, silk-screens, blank T-shirts, a table to print on and something to hold it down. For silk screening, we’d first choose a design. Then we’d put a shirt on the table. Then we’d put the silk screen of choice on top of the shirt. Then we’d apply some ink. Then we’d take the square piece of wood and swipe the ink across the silkscreen with the T-shirt underneath. But of course, it can’t be able to move or it’ll smudge. Then we will take the screen off and it’s done! It will have to dry. And after it is dry you might want to iron it. This is a really fun project and I think we should do it because at my birthday party, Tatum came over and did this with us. We did these steps and we made nice T shirts!

Tatum is a very amazing artist. She is also a great aunt. I chose her because of her art. To me, she is the best artist and aunt in Bozeman!

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