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Sandy Bellingham


By: Amelia

Sandy Bellingham is a very musical person. She was born on August 8th 1947 in St. Louis Missouri. She was the first person in her family to go to college. She went to California State College and has a Masters Degree. Her father had an 8th grade education. She was an only child when she was growing up. Now she lives with her husband, two dogs and one cat. She also has one son. Now she is a musician, composer and piano teacher. She first became interested in piano when her family rented a house with a piano. Later she took piano lessons.

Sandy was trained to do her art in Los Angeles, California. Now she does her art right at home. Her most inspirational figure has been Ludwig Van Beethoven. She used to perform her music, now only does recordings. To do her art she needs musical instruments and sounds.

Sandy suggests a project that our class could do is a play. Since in Social Studies we are learning about Lewis and Clark, Sandy suggests we could do a play with music. First we would have to try out for parts. Next we would have to practice and learn our parts. Finally we would perform the play. Sandy Bellingham’s music is truly beautiful.

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