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Peggy Coler


by: Nina

Peggy Coler is a great person.  She was born in 1963 in Portland, Oregon.  She grew up with a divorced family with five girls in each family. Now she is married with three kids – two boys and one girl.  At M.M. Eastman College she got a Masters in Music and she did some opera, but later she became an artist.  Peggy was always interested in art even as a kid, but she never took any classes.

Peggy’s art is so beautiful.  She is a self-taught artist.  Peggy does her work at her house.  Her inspiration comes from Native Americans, Youpk Eskimo and landscapes.   Her work is shown at the Emerson.  Peggy’s ideas come from within.  She usually uses paint, wood and canvas.  All of Peggy Coler’s art is amazing.

Peggy is even going to do a project with us!  In April, she will do an art show with at Longfellow.  We will need paint and canvas.  Peggy Coler is an artist, a singer and above all, a wonderful person.

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