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Morgan Araujo


By Jocie

Morgan Araujo is amazing cello player. She was born on April 18th, 1989, in Bozeman, Montana. Morgan’s family was close together, always doing things together. Her family now is just the same but busier. Her parents live down the street and her sister lives in the apartment underneath her house. Her parents used to take her to the Bozeman Symphony and at intermission they would try out instruments. Morgan liked the cello the best. She started playing cello in 5th grade and is still playing now. She went to college in Colorado, Brazil and Montana. Her favorite teachers were her music teachers, Dr. Fitzz and David Chew.

Morgan’s music is truly beautiful. She shows her music at concerts and special events, like weddings. She trained for this music at school and in private lessons starting in 5th grade. Her father went to every lesson encouraging and supporting her to go further. Morgan practices every day at home and often with the Bozeman Symphony. She teaches cello to eight students every Tuesday from 4 to 7. To make this music Morgan needs her cello, of course, its bow, the care tools and the sheets of music.

Morgan suggests our class make instruments out of recycled materials. First we should watch a video on making these instruments so we get the gist. Then find some recycled materials to use. Next construct them. Finally, play them. Morgan Araujo is a truly amazing person and cello player.

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