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Melissa Steinhauer


by Hazel

Bozeman loves their local resin jeweler.  Melissa Anderson was born on September 1st in the year of 1974, in the small town of Travers City, Michigan. Her family was proper, generous, middle class and hard working people. Her family now is quiet and still hard working. The type of artist she is, is a jeweler.  Some of her favorite teachers were Mr.Glass in 6th grade, Mr. Wodek in high school and Mark Ross in College.  She got her Bachelor’s Degree in art education at Montana State University. She got interested in art because her high school art teacher showed her she is creative. Now lets talk about her art.

Melissa Steinhauer is an amazing artist.  She learned to do this form of art at the Montana State University.  She now she works in a studio in her backyard.  She finds her inspiration from life and her 3 kids Hazel (me), Grey and Edie. Her favorite artists are Frida Khalo, Brenda Clark and her local artist friends. She feels inspired when other artists are inspired.  Some of the places she sells her art are Tart in Bozeman, MT; Gallatin River Gallery in Big Sky, MT; a LOT of shows; HeyDay in Bozeman, MT and Anglers West in Emigrant, MT. The materials she uses are silver, resin, copper, dirt, Kool-Aid and rocks.

She suggested a project and this is how you do it. The project could be done at the end of the year at the Longfellow School Art Works. Some of the materials you need are rocks from the playground, copper tubing, copper sheets, steel letter stamps, key chains and a whole lot of creativity! This is how you make it: first you find rocks from the Longfellow School playground, then make a copper rivet through the rock (after it is drilled), then stamp on the letters to the copper sheet, now you do finish work and then assemble the key chains.  Now that you know about Melissa Steinhauer, I hope you are inspired.

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