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Melissa Branson


by Helen W.

This is the history of Melissa Branson.  She was born on August 18, 1973 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  She has two sisters and a brother and her family was very outdoorsy; they loved to hike and be together even though all her siblings turned out very differently.  She also had pets growing up. Her family liked to read and have quiet time too.  Melissa got a BFA from William Woods University, she liked art and science the best and her best teachers were her elementary ones.  She paints with oils, pastels, watercolors, and acrylic.  She was inspired because she thinks she was born an artist, and when she was little she would draw on the walls and she got in trouble. Her mom finally just put paper on the walls cause she wouldn’t stop.  That is the history of Melissa Branson.

Melissa Branson’s art is really amazing; I am going to tell you about her art.  Melissa Branson was trained in Montessori and at William Woods University.  She does her art everywhere, and she gets paid to paint on people’s walls.  She is inspired by two of her university teachers and her mother.  She doesn’t really show her art because she does it in people’s houses but she does show it in portfolios. That is why her art is so cool.

Melissa has suggested an art project for my class and this is what it is.  She suggested that we paint a wall in the school.  First we would have to make an idea.  Then find a good wall to paint.  We would need paints and brushes.  We could draw on a piece of paper then transfer to the wall and paint!  That is what Melissa suggested we could do.

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