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Lukas Phelan


by Daniel

Lukas Phelan is a very interesting person. He was born in Spokane, Washington on January 16, 1990. When he was growing up his family was very supported and gave him creative freedom, and they still do. He has a B.F.A. and studied at “U of M”. His greatest teachers were his grandpa, books, and the web. The reason he likes art is it’s how he makes sense of the world. Lukas Phelan is a very creative individual.

Lukas Phelan is an amazing artist. He learned to do his art form in college and does most of his art in his studio.  He has been inspired by Robert Smithson, Eva Hesse, Mark Bradford and many other artists.  He mostly shows his art in galleries in the northwest. He gets most of his ideas from music, movies, and books. He normally uses paint, wood, glass, and plastic in his art. Lucas Phelan is a very neat artist.

Lukas Phelan suggested an art project for our class. First you need to get in groups of five. Then you go outside and collect materials with your group. After that you sculpt something with the materials you had gotten. Lukas is an amazing artist and person.

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