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LeAnn Bunn


By Naudia

                LeAnn is a jewelry maker and makes it beautifully. LeAnn was born January 14, 1976 in Bozeman, Montana. She grew up in a bluecollar ranch family. Now her family is a middle class family of four. She went to high school and had three years of college and she studied at Montana Sate University. LeAnn said, “her best teachers were Ms. Jackson and Mr. Willson.” She makes jewelry and its very beautiful. LeAnn loves jewelry because she loves to make beautiful.

LeAnn taught herself to make jewelry and she makes her art from the comfort of home.  Her sister inspired her to do jewelry making.  She doesn’t show her art but she gives it away as gifts. She mostly gets her ideas from her imagination. To make jewelry like necklaces or bracelets you need wire, beads or stones, and clasps.

A project my class might be able to do is make a necklace.   The materials you will need make a necklace are beads or stones, clasps, and pliers. To actually make the necklace you will need to choose the beads, line them up to the pattern you want, cut the wire longer than you need, tie a small stopper bead or clasp to one end of the wire then place the beads on the wire with the design that you chose. After that tie the other part of the clasp on the wire with pliers and you’re done. Those are some things about LeAnn Bunn.

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