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Leah Shute


By Anisten

Leah Shute is an amazing artist.  She is an architect and designs houses. Leah was born in 1973 in Cody, Wyoming. Her family was busy, caring and very fun. Her family now is busy, flexible, fun and caring. She studied at MSU for 6 years and has earned her Master’s Degree. Some of her best teachers were Fred Johns and Jerry Bancroft. She is the type of artist that draws and works on the computer. Leah got interested in art because she liked to design spaces. That wraps up the history of Leah Shute.

Leah has beautiful artwork. Leah was trained to do architecture at MSU. She works at home and in her office. Frank Lloyd Write inspired Leah. She shows her work in buildings she designs. Leah gets her ideas from her imagination, something new or other buildings. The materials she uses are pencils, paper, pens, markers and computers. Leah is a wonderful artist.

Leah suggested a project. Leah’s suggested project is to build a model. She said the supplies we will need are pressboard paper, glue and wire mesh for main part. We will also need balsa wood, chip board, weeds or things that look like trees, pins for light posts and Styrofoam for streets and plaster over Styrofoam for extras. Leah hopes we have fun if we do it.

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