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Kaylee Walton


by Mekayla

The dream of Kaylee Walton has come true. Her dream was to be a photographer and a model. Kaylee Walton is a 17 year-old girl born in 1996 Hattiesberg, Mississippi. She was born into a religious, loving, and playful family. She said her family is the same this very day. Kaylee has had 13 years of education and has gone to many places to study. She loves all her teachers but mainly Mrs. Reid and Mrs. Cox.  Kaylee Walton is a medium artist. Her parents were the ones that inspired her to be a photographer. Looks like her dream has come true.

Kaylee Walton says this is a great thing that happened in her life. She has been studying this type of art for a year or two at Bozeman High. She takes photos mostly anywhere you ask. She was inspired by other photographers and her parents.  Kaylee likes to show her ideas in her portfolios. She will tell you what she thinks by looking at her surroundings and using a camera to take the photograph and Photoshop to edit the photo. She has some very fine art.

Kaylee has some pretty good class ideas. First get in groups, go around the school [inside and out] taking pictures.  You would need cameras [1 per group, depending on number of groups]. The way this needs to happen is, get in groups decide where to go, go take cool pictures.

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