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Heidi Damjanivich


by Sellers

Longfellow loves their music teacher Heidi Damjanivich. For short her name is Ms. D.  Ms. D. was born August 30 in the 1900’s.  She was born in central Montana, in a small town. She grew up on a farm with an outdoor loving family. They loved card games and were very supportive. Her best teachers were her 3rd grade teacher, vocal teacher, and her English teacher in High School.  She is a vocal-composer.  She got interested in music when her dad played drums in a band. She went to country dances every weekend. That’s her history, what’s yours?

Ms. D. is music teacher. She is a musician so she performs in churches and for opera companies. Her mom inspired her to do music, because she supported her. Ms. D. gets her ideas from real life experiences, emotions, catch phrases, and lots of hugs. The material she uses is her voice. Ms. D. is a great music teacher.

Here is a project she suggested for us to do. Ms. D. wants us to create a piece of music on Garage Band. The materials you would need are Laptops, need to know how to use garage band, need to know how to search online. We would also need a guest speaker for garage band. First we would need a guest speaker. Then we would watch online tuition. Finally, we would need collaboration because we would need to know if we were going to do one class song or different groups songs.  Now you know how big music is in her life.

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