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Goergina M. Schnobrich


By: Jessica

Goergina Schnobrich is my mother and a caring artist and shows her care by being a person who works to keep things clean. She was born in Big Timber, Montana in 1983. Her family was large and loud. She had seven brothers and sisters. Her family now is still large but is also caring. Goergina Schnobrich went to four semesters of college and she used to study at the University of Phoenix and her favorite teacher was Mr. Dogson. She is a medium artist and was inspired to do it because she likes to see things clean. Goergina Schnobrich is great at her form of art – let me tell you about it. She was trained to do these things at University of Phoenix. She does her form of art at the Western Heritage Inn. She is inspired to do her form of art by her children. She uses materials such as mops, cleaners, and soap.

Goergina Schnobrich suggested that our class should do origami because in her line of work you have to fold a lot of laundry and in origami you fold the paper a lot into shapes. You need a square piece of paper. Then you need to fold it in a lot of different ways to get the shape or animal. Next you could put a face or a design on your finished piece. There, now you have your piece. In conclusion I think my mother is wonderful at her job.

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