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Chelsea Smith


by Bailey

Chelsea Smith is a unique artist. She was born on August 22, 1957 in Gailsburg, Indiana.  She grew up with one older brother and one younger sister. She got a collage degree in art at Drake University.  Chelsea is now married and has two sons who are 23 and 26. Chelsea has a lot ahead of her in life.

Chelsea does her art with paints, inks, pastels, clay and a lot more.  She teaches art classes at The Emerson.  Chelsea’s teachers have inspired her to do art. She thinks of her ideas in the shower and from “living life”. Chelsea shows her art in her studio and various venues.

For an art project Chelsea suggest printmaking. Printmaking requires brayers, inks, paper and plates. There are around five steps for this project. The first step is to pick your design, then you develop it on a plate, next you ink and print then repeat. It was very interesting and fun interviewing Chelsea.


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