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Charlie Franklin


By Isabelle

Charlie Franklin is an amazing artist. Charlie Franklin was born in 1908, in Bozeman MT. Charlie has 1 younger brother and used to have a cat and dog. Charlie now has a wife and two sons. One son goes to Longfellow and his other is two and a half years old and lives at home. Charlie Franklin learned and studied two years at B.H.S. then studied four more years at M.S.U.  Charlie is an architect that helped build the second part of the terminal.

Charlie’s favorite teacher was a teacher from the high school called Mrs. Hammula. Charlie has made some amazing drawings and homes. Charlie has an office in downtown and at his house. Charlie was inspired by Santiago. Charlie gets his ideas from looking at the site of the building. Charlie’s supplies are wood, stone and concrete.

Charlie suggested a project called “Turso.” The project is a series of cubes around a pole. To make this project you will need cardboard or wood for the cubes. You will also need a steel pipe or a regular pipe to make the pole to attach the cubes to. I think that Charlie has made some great building and he still makes some great buildings.

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