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Bozeman vs. New York


By Alex

Bozeman and New York are very different cities but you might notice some similarities. The things that make Bozeman special are: it is not too congested, it has a reasonable amount of businesses/ jobs, it is not too big or too small, it has a lot of fun things to do and it has lots of trails to walk on.  That’s why I live in Bozeman. It is very special.

The things that makes New York special are: it has a lot more people to meet, it is bigger than Bozeman, lots of job opportunities (not that Bozeman doesn’t have enough, it’s that N.Y. Has a lot more), it has lots of cool skyscrapers and it has a lot more taxis. It is special too, but I live in Bozeman for a reason. The reason is, I like walking on trails and I know enough people.

The reasons a person would pick Bozeman to live in: it isn’t congested, N.Y. Is congested, Bozeman has enough people to know, N.Y. Has too many people to know, they both have their ups and downs but I would choose to live in Bozeman.  You could live anywhere, but I recommend Bozeman for sure.

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