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Bozeman- Sydney, Australia


By Braeden H.

There are many things that make Bozeman special.   It’s a fun place to live in because of all of the video games you can play.  The weather is cool, and I mean cold.  The town is surrounded by breathtaking scenery.  The history of Bozeman is amazing.  Those are some of the reasons I think Bozeman is interesting.

Sydney, Australia, is unique.  Surfing is popular there.  The friendly people speak with an Australian accent.  The Sydney Opera House has spine quill like architecture.  It’s the capitol of Australia and on its outer edge.  These are some of the things my family and I enjoyed on our two vacations to Sydney, Australia.

If I could choose where to live, I would choose Bozeman.  I have more friends here.  People care about me here.  When I fainted once this year during math class, everyone was very worried about me.  I like to snowboard, and there’s hardly any snow in Australia.  I like riding my bike around Bozeman.  It’s not that far to get to Lia’s or Alex’s houses.  Bozeman is comfortable for me.


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