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Madison V.

There are a lot of things that make Bozeman unique. Bozeman is a great place to ski and it has lots of snowfall. It also has the best school, and that school is Longfellow school. It also has some beautiful mountains. And it has a great fifth-grade teacher Mrs. Babcock.

Now I will tell you about Phoenix, Arizona. It has no snow whatsoever and it has nice, sunny weather. There is a lot to do there and there are also a lot of mountains. And the best part is that there is lots of culture. It also has deserts professional baseball team. The population is 1.489 million. It also has the most populated state capital in the US.

I would choose to live in Arizona because of everything I just said and it is a beautiful city. Also depending on were you live you could go on a hike. There are a lot of different bug types. Lastly, there are lots of houses with pools.

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