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Bozeman – Palm Springs


By, Naudia

There are many things that make Bozeman unique.  Bozeman has friendly people because people make stuff for each other and give stuff to each other. Bozeman has beautiful scenery because you can always see the mountains and the sunsets. There are very cool animals like the Bobcat and the cougar. The weather can change in 5 minutes it can be sunny then it rains. There are lots of farms, which is nice because we can have fresh stuff homegrown or homemade.

There are also things that make Palm Springs unique. It’s cool how Palm Springs is a desert and yet theirs so much life and green. It’s also cool how so many celebrities live there. It’s hot like an oven in the summer. Palm Springs has a lot of fancy restaurants, I can’t remember their names though, but there was one that was REALLY good. Since it’s really hot, they have water parks and water activities.

I think you should live in Bozeman because you can see all of those cool animals. Meet all of those friendly people. See the beautiful view. There are a lot of jobs – sort of. There is also a wide variety of plant life. Also, I live in Bozeman. That’s why I think you should live in Bozeman.

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