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By, Daniel

Bozeman and Forsyth are both very neat towns. Bozeman has very beautiful scenery and has many trails for biking and walking. It also has many unique stores and restaurants. Bozeman has many festivals and events like Sweet Pea and Music on Main. Bozeman also has MSU, which is Montana State University. Bozeman is a very neat town.

Forsyth is also a very neat town. It is perfect for people that like small towns. Because it is so small you can walk everywhere. Another cool thing about it being small is you know just about everyone. It is also right by the Yellowstone River. Forsyth has many unique restaurants. Forsyth is a very neat town.

A person would choose to live in Forsyth because of many things. Forsyth is very fun because of its culture. The fair in Forsyth is also very fun because since the town is so small just about everyone is there. Forsyth is a very fun place to be with friends. Forsyth also has a dam that is a good area for fishing. The river there is also very fun for swimming. Forsyth is a very fun place to live.

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