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Bozeman, MT-New York City


by Madison C.

 Bozeman, MT, and New York City are very unique places.

There are many things that make Bozeman unique. One thing that makes it unique is all the local foods and events. Bozeman has a wonderful helpful community. There are many community organizations in Bozeman, too. One great thing about Bozeman is it snows a lot in the winter. That’s why it’s the best place to go skiing. Bozeman is a very unique place.

There are also many things that make New York City unique. One reason people visit New York is because of the amazing stores that carry designer stuff. That’s why it’s one of the most visited places in the U.S.A. It also so is really busy, because so many people live in New York. Another thing is there are lots of historical artifacts like the Statue of Liberty. To me, the best thing about New York is its bakeries. My favorite is Carlo’s bakery. Those are some things that make New York unique.

Here are some different reasons why people would want to live in Bozeman, MT. If you feel like going out to dinner, you should go to Bozeman because it has the best food ever. It also has lots and lots of history. The seasons in Bozeman are very strange, because in the summer it’s very hot, and in the winter it’s very cold. Bozeman has amazing schools like Longfellow. Last but not least, Bozeman has the nicest neighborhoods in the world. If I were someone who didn’t live in Bozeman I would love to move here.

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