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Bozeman, Montana-Brussels, Belgium


By Sophia

  Bozeman and Brussels are both amazing in their own ways!

Here are some things that make Bozeman unique. Bozeman is very sporty and I love sports! Bozeman gets a ton of snow.  It’s so warm, sunny, and nice too. I could never forget how nice the people are here!!! The schools are really good here, and I have learned a lot.

Brussels is pretty nice too. For one thing the food is as perfect as perfect can get. I feel like the waffles scream “EAT ME!!!!!!!” Brussels is also really old and America is not that old. Brussels is cold and rainy (I adore rain). Plus you can travel to a million other places because Belgium is the capitol of Europe.

I would choose Brussels to live in because it is cold and rainy, did I mention I love rain?! Amazing food. It’s in Europe and I love Europe. The people are so nice. Who doesn’t love nice people? Plus you can travel, and by far I love to travel. I would chose Belgium to live in, what would you chose?

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