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Bozeman, Montana-Bangkok, Thailand


By: Claire

Bozeman, Montana and Bangkok, Thailand are very unique places. Bozeman has many things that make it like no other place in the world. This place is special because it has very fertile soil that makes up for the lack of growing seasons. Another thing that makes Bozeman special is its snow. Bozeman is unique because of many out-doors things about it like the good trail systems and how close the mountains and their trails are. Another thing that makes Bozeman so cool is the community and the people. The people are amazingly happy and friendly. They fit right in to the safe, warm and welcoming community. As you can see, Bozeman is a very special place.

Bangkok, Thailand, is another special place. It is special because of its beautiful temples. Bangkok also has unique and tall buildings that line the crazy streets filled with vendors and carts selling all sorts of goods. Bangkok is also a very peaceful place full of many kind and happy people. Also, the food is special because Bangkok has delicious spices that they add to almost everything making their food so yummy and unique. Bangkok is definitely a place you should visit.

If you are ever considering living in in south-east Asia, Bangkok Thailand might be the place for you. You may want to live in Bangkok because of the food, people or the community.  Another reason is the sea because it is super close to Bangkok and way different than the ocean in America. The sea is as warm as a hot bath and the pure white sand is as fine as you could ever imagine. If you think of yourself as a city person, Bangkok is the place for you! Bangkok has a very warm climate which may be something you want. It also has a good learning experience culturally. Bangkok, Thailand is fun for everybody!


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