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Bozeman-Moab, Utah


by Norah

So many things make Bozeman the kind of place you want to live in. For example, we have our very own ski hill and a university. We also have a unique and safe community with more community service than many other places. We are a historical town founded by the one and only John Bozeman. The people here are great. With all the local businesses, you can always buy what you need and benefit the community at the same time.

The climate and landscape in Moab are both amazing. For example, it is the most wonderful thing to sit atop a mesa watching the evening sun set below the spires and deserts. Believe me, I have done it. It is also amazing to picnic under 50 tons of solid rock, play around in shallow caves and ledges or find ancient pictographs without a tour guide. And the town is just miles away from two national parks-Canyon Lands and Arches. There are so many viewing points and historical sites such as the Island in the Sky. Also, there are so many touristy opportunities like canyoneering, horseback tours, rafting and mountain biking the slickrock deserts.

Moab is a great place to live. Here are some reasons why: the warm, dry climate is good for asthma. And if you love the great outdoors, this is the place for you. It is full of wildlife. If you are interested in being a tour guide or just taking part in the fun adventures, go to Moab. Also, if you are like my dad, you would go there for studying the rock formations and archeology. But, in my opinion, the grandest part of Moab is the beauty of the redrock spires and the yellow desert. Both Bozeman and Moab are unique towns with their own shortcomings and qualities.

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