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Bozeman – Macon


           by Sellers

Bozeman is a very unique place. A neat thing about Bozeman is that it snows a lot. Bozeman has really fun festivals like the Sweet Pea parade, which is a weekend during August. If you like to downhill ski, Bozeman has to really good ski mountains. There are also really good public schools that you could possibly walk to from your house. One thing that most people like about Bozeman is that there are nice people so you can love Bozeman even more. I can’t wait to see you in Bozeman.

Macon is a unique place to live. Macon is close to the beach, but it’s really close to lakes so it’s easy to get to, and get wet on a nice hot day. You will love to shop here because there are super nice stores. Macon is in the center of Georgia, and so you can go to the North and South Georgia, easier than if you live in North Georgia you want to go to South Georgia. There is amazing food in Macon, and you’ll be drooling over it. Macon has really big schools so don’t worry about to big of a population. I hope to see you around Macon.

If you’re thinking about moving to Macon here are some reasons to move there. The weather there is a pretty good. There is good country clubs here, if you like to swim and play golf. For schools there aren’t the best public schools but there are really good private schools. When you wander around Macon you will notice some really pretty houses. If you go to a private school you will notice some pretty interesting summer camps. Now you see that you don’t have to be a millionaire to move to Macon.

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