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Bozeman- Key Largo, Florida


By Helen

Things that make Bozeman special:  First, I love to ski, and Bozeman gets tons of snow so that’s good.  Second, I love going to ranches and I have one I get to go to in Big Sandy that is so fun.  Third, Bozeman has lots of mountains and I love to hike.  Fourth, there are very few people in Bozeman and I like that.  Also I get to ride my bike everywhere from my mom’s house because she lives so close to town.  That’s what makes Bozeman special.

There are many ways that make Key Largo special and some ways are: the ocean I love to swim and snorkel and all of that.  Like I said there is the ocean and very good swimming and I like that.  Also my grandparents live in a gated community in Key Largo, Florida and it is very fun.  I like that it is so sunny and warm too because I can wear shorts and a t-shirt 24/7.  Another thing I like is all the marine wildlife. I fed a manatee out of a hose –  it was really cool. Also I have friends that live there too and they’re so fun to hangout with.  That’s what makes Key Largo special.

I would choose Key Largo to live in because it is very fun place and I can go swim and stuff on my own.  I also love to walk my grandparents’ dog and play piano and board games with my grandpa.  My dad keeps a clear bottom canoe there and I like to go out on that too.  I also like to hang out with my grandparents and watch movies.  I like to go shopping there too because they have lots of great stores.  I love to go out on my grandparents boat too.  That is why I would choose Key Largo to live in.

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