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Bozeman- Green Bay, WI


By Morgan

There are many amazing things about Bozeman, MT. First, Bozeman is known for skiing and snowboarding. Bozeman also attracts a lot of students because of MSU, our college. Bozeman has all four seasons. Which means we have lots of outdoor activities. Bozeman is very dog friendly. That’s why Bozeman is special to me.

Next, we are going to talk about why Green Bay is special. Green Bay is special because they are known for cheese. Green Bay is also unique because they have the Green Bay Packers their NFL football team.   Green Bay also has some of the best brats. Green Bay is also known for fishing and shipping centers.

Last but certainly not least is why a person might want to live in Green Bay. Firstly, Green Bay has beautiful houses. Second, because of the scenery and Green Bay has all four seasons. Last, is maybe for work because they have lots of businesses. But remember if you move to Green Bay you will absolutely have to know that there are many Packer fans.

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